Smooth, Warm Digital Cable?

Any members tried a RCA digital cable they feel is smooth and relaxed, a bit warm yet still preserves good detail retreval for $200 retail or less? I want to try some from
Cable Co. I have a HT Cyber Copper which seems good, looking for other suggestions to try.
Music Meter Fidelus
you could try to find out an ART or yamamura 5000 digital cable and you gone feel that it is the perfect balance beetween subtil detail and smoothness,it is like your source is breathing slowly like an human.they are difficult to find but price is between 200 and 300$ u.s.Somebody by the name of libor in vnacouver may sell yamamura products get a lokk on audioweb and god luck
Esylsten, I had been considering trying a MM Fidelus even though it is a silver cable and I generally prefer copper
because of the richness and warmth. Can you give any more description of your experience with Fidelus? Cable Co does carry this cable, so audition is possible.
It's been a lon time since I had one and I cannot remember exactly but I think it may be worth an audition. Things react differently in different systems but I did replace it with a Yammamura M-5000 cable eventually. The Yam was better but way more expensive. I don't remember the Fidelus being edgy just a bit veiled compared the the Yam which is smooth as silk but lacking dynamically and not as transparant as Illuminations D-60.
DH Labs all their cables, smooth, rich and excellent detail/resolution, and very economical.
Audition the Ensemble "Digiflux" at The Cable Company. ( Costs only $99, discounted from $250. I tried 4 digital cables and it was the most "liquid" of all.
I use the mapleshade ultrathin, not the double helix. it is $32.00 for a meter. it's bizarre looking stuff! and, oh my gosh is it fragile. but, it has superb locking terminations. the sound is very detailed, with great imaging and soundstage. not a bright cable at all. very easy to listen to. kinda odd to listen to at first. i found myself sitting on the edge of the couch leaning toward my speakers. now i just lean back and enjoy. my wife even says she hears a greater clarity. i tried these things on a fluke and they have never been taken out of my system. good luck and happy hunting.
Hi Sam: I would reccomend the Mapleshade Double Helix digital cable that I am using. It is not warm and smooth in the way that say my HT truthlink IC's are but it is warm and smooth in that you can hear the wood and brass of the instruments and that there is no glare that I can detect. The highs are not rolled off at all and it is extremely detailed but not at all harsh sounding with my CAL/Bel Canto combo. I find the sound even more addictive than I found silver to be (in the beginning) but without the wow factor if you know what I mean. It does not slow the music as some of the smooth cables do and maintains the edge that many instuments have, but again without glare or harshness.
I have tried a lot lately and do find the Mapleshade extremely clear and clean, but definately on the brighter side. Believe it or not, some non-75 ohm cables fit this bill, like Kimber Hero. Don't buy it for this, but if you can get your hands on one try it. You may be surprised. Also, the Audience Au24 cable is very nice and truly keeps a nicely layered sound stage. It is a pretty neutral cable.