smooth warm CDP with SACD

I have a Rotel amp RB 1080 and the Rotel RC 1090 CDP. The CDP is to foward in the highs and seems to have a bloated exaggerated bottom end. Its not a natural sounding CDP to me, especially paired with the 200 watt amp. So what warm CDP's are out there that,s not bright and bloated in the bottom end?
I auditioned the Arcam CD37 and it may be inline with what you are looking for.
It was in a store at an unfamiliar environment to me. I particularly like the bass, dry and very well controlled.
I found the sound a little harsh but I blamed the rest of the equipment and specially the fact that it was the first time the CD was playing.
Marantz SA-15.
Sony ES
Can you tell us what interconnects/speaker cables you're using? These can really make a difference.

Whats your price range?
Here are some that run used from about $500-$1500
Modwright Sony 999es, or Denon 3910
Exemplar Denon 2900, 3910

Forgot to add in the Rega players.
Planet, Planet 2000, Jupiter, Apollo
Had a Rotel RCD 1072 home for audition. My Anthem CD1 is much more natural sounding with deeper sound stage. The Rotel sound is much more digital and analytical.

Used prices are around $600. The changer is a little slow and clunky as many reviews note. However, it's worth the wait :) Sold my Audio Refinement $1000+ buck player. Beat that too no problem.
Did you mean RCD-1072? If so, agree with your evaluation of Rotel. The RB-1080 doesn't have the tightest bottom in the world either. One lower cost approach to warming sound and improving the bass could be to add a better power cable to both your amp and your CDP.

To get SACD capability without paying the big bucks, it is necessary to look at some DVD players as well as dedicated music machines. Many suggestions above, while good players, do not handle SACD.

In the same-ish price range with SACD capability I suggest in no particular order after the Marantz:

1. Marantz SA-8001

2. Denon DCD-CX3

3. Denon DVD-3930CI

4. Sony SCD-XA5400ES

5. Oppo DV-983H

Or you could look at used units. Spearit Sound has a refurished M5 on sale for $999 and an M55 (DVD player) for $799 right now.
Does the Arcam CD37 have SACD? and if so how much do they go for?
Know where I can get a good one for a reasonable price, as a new one may be out of my price point.
Just not in to sony for my two channel....sorry
Yoby, I'm not so sure about the interconnect argument. I can't say that there is that much improvement through them but I do use audioquest and monster.
DOn't know where I can go and take a listen to the Rega players. Would love to take a listen.
Don't want to spend no more than about 700 claims.
Never really gave to much thought about Anthems CDP's as much as there amps. Will give it a little more thought.
I have a Rotel RB 1080 Amp and its just a wonder piece of gear. It produces a wondful bottom end. I also have a Marants VC6001 Universal player that has a nice warm SACD player. But I do want a dedicated player. I have also thought of the Marant SA8001. It was rated by stereophile as one of the best with players costing much more.
Arcam CD37 has 2 ch SACD, can't help you with the price.
$2199 USD
Anthem CD1 just sold on ebay for 385. Had a scratch on the display window. Great deal. Almost bid on it myself. I bought mine for a second system and I could not believe how much better it was. I can listen to CD's for hours now without fatigue. The tube output dac is the trick. The other option would be to pick up a Sonic Frontiers DAC1 and use your transport. About $695 used.