Smooth sounding Inter connects RCA RCA ? Any ...

Hello People,

Looking for smooth sounding IC for my system!
Ultra smooth to tame the system down a little without loosing resolution, well dont like my mids up my face kind a cable!

Cables I have liked very much hmmm actually my system first:
Meridian Source/Pre > Classe Power > Sonus Fabers

Cables I have liked:

Audience Au24 , even the Conductor was ok!
Cardas Golder Reference > What about Resolution Reference?
Siltech FTM series - Used for around $400 or so maybe if I am lucky

Any other suggestions - I do like some of the Audioquest stuff- The early stuff like the Opal / Dragon / Diamond

Not sure about the new stuff like the Sky/ Jaguar and the other - Are they more laid back or smooth in some way?

For my system Purist Audio Museaus!
Xtreme Cables X5 might be to your liking.
Audioquest Panther or Creative Cable Concepts 12.0. Like Butter.
Jena Labs Symphony might be a good choice for you as well. They're a bit more than what you're looking to spend I think, but they are definitely smooth sounding cables with lots of air (giving some the laid back feel).
tara labs the one or the two are the best
The Poeima!!! from RSAD was the ticket for me. Never thought that a silver cable could sound this smooth. Lots of detail without the edge.
The Acoustic Zen cables are also known for the attributes you seek. The Matrix Reference II is excellent and ofter shows up here used for under $300.