Smooth sounding integrated

I’m looking for a smooth sounding solid state integrated amp that is not muffled sounding for less the $1000. Is there anything like this? Years ago I had a Denon stereo receiver that sounded pleasant for tv and movies in our lively family room. A lot has changed since then and would like to try going down this road again, but with a better integrated amp for the family room.
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As I said in the post, for tv and movies. Speakers may change, but now are Monitor Audio Silver 6.
Thought about Rega Brio. Is 50wpc enough for 18x22x9h room w my speakers. Yamaha looks interesting. Is it smooth or bright and dynamic.
You might be able to find a second hand Peachtree Nova 150 or 300 for around your budget.  It should match up well with your speakers.  Plenty of power, a great DAC, a decent phono stage, and home theater bypass.
Marantz PM8005 used or 8006 new.  Smooth, detailed, dynamic, excellent build quality.  Would match up well with your Silver 6.
If you get a chance, try Yamaha 501/701/801 amplifiers. I have listened to 701 a lot and often and, surprise, with Monitor Audio Silver speakers (200? floorstanding, around $1500-2000?).

In my opinion, much more detailed and overall better than Marantz amplifer from a few years prior to that. Not that it means anything.
Bel Canto C5i is smooth and clean  as it gets and might be had used for under $1k. 
You'll probably want more than 50 watts with your Silver 6s. They measured at 87 dB.
VINTAGE : Not an integrated but can be used like one: Parasound HCA-1000A. Has volume pots on the back so it can play clearly and cleanly without a preamp: good power (125w/CH 8 ohms), good current, (45 amps) great damping factor (800). If you want more - go to the HCA-1500...
I'll look into Yamaha and Bel Canto too. Looks like I have lots of options to further my search for an amp. Thanks
The PS Audio  Sprout 100 is rated at 100 watts per channel and has a small footprint

Sprout100 | PS Audio
Hegel H80 used is about 800-900.. just sold mine.. price is creeping up because they are becoming popular.
Rega Brio should work great in your room. I have one and can play plenty loud in a similarily sized room.
I would consider the Yamaha A-S801. It's a very capable Int/Amp in your price range.
Look for a used Arcam SA20. About 80 watts/channel , good phono stage and some digital inputs. I had the FMJ 19 with no digital inputs, but a really nice phono stage and 50 watts/channel. It was about a grand new. If you can find any NIB Cambridge Audio CX80's at 80 watts/channel. They're discontinued and can be had for $799. Punchier than the Arcams.
Upscale Audio was/are selling the Music Fidelity model 2si for $599. At that price very hard to beat. 
Lots of great recommendations. I'm getting a feeling which are smoother yet detailed amp.
BTW, What Hi-Fi said the Brio has an excitable high end and needs careful speaker matching so my MS Silver 6 may not be a good match.
IngRecomiendo NAD C372 diez años con el y ningun problema 150 por canal y sonido suaverese su texto ...
InHola tengo el NAD C372 diez años sin problema 150W por canal y sonido suave si puede escucharlo hagalo un saludogrese su texto ...
i like the rogue sphinx at 100 watts for under 1K used. NOS tubes smooth it out for sure 
I'd agree with the Marantz.  Lovely amp, good power and clean.   It plays nicely with other devices you may add later in life.
Another vote for Rogue Sphinx. I would say it stands pretty tall in this group of amps. IMO.

Rogue Sphinx was my second choice but I went with Bel canto C5i first because I wanted to give the latest and greatest modern digital amp technology a shot before relying on more tubes (and less flexibility with digital sources) and have never looked back.

That was in my second system. In my main system, bigger Rogue Pharoah is one I would strongly consider there still these days when the time comes.

When looking at integrated amps it is a good idea to know what kinds of inputs you will want or need when deciding. There are many very good sounding choices otherwise.
+1 for a Peachtree (try used!).

Good DAC to send audio out via Optical from TV. Comes with a remote (necessary for a TV integrated). Probably the best looking integrated to tick the WAF box. You’ll have to use the TV as the hub, and you can have a very minimal setup with your preferred streaming stick/puck. Throw in an iFi Spidf reclocker for $150 to help correct the noise your TV will introduce.
Peachtree NOVA 150. I will be selling mine in a few months since I will be going separates for a lot more $$.  However, it is an really good integrated, reliable, smooth, and relatively low cost. Peacthree is having a sale (they always seem to be having sales now) on the Nova line.
I have a Classe’ CAP151 that I would let go for $1000. Read the reviews on them. Simply beautiful overall sound from these.
...a little above your budget - but easily one of the nicest sounding Vintage amps (IMHO !) is the McIntosh MC-2105 ( or its non-metered brother the MC-2100): the MC-2105 was their 1st SS amp way back in ’67 ( produced thru '77). SMOOTH SOUNDING, good bass; 105w/CH, Dual Volume Controls and those Meters scream WATCH ME! Can be used directly without a preamp... Wish I’d kept the one I had...
Look into an Acurus DIA-100 Integrated amp. High current, 100 watts per channel and very clean sound. Very nice preamp is already built into the unit. No remote or DAC. The amp on used market can be had for under 500 dollars retailed back in the day for 1,100 dollars. 
I have an Acurus DIA-100 I will let go for 375.00. Perfect condition. I am second owner. 
Ive been happy with British amps...Exposure and Arcam. I’m liking the Exposure better but both were satisfying. 
Rega Brio. As smooth as it gets for a solid state and under a $ik. I have it paired with the Raga DAC-R and Proac tablette 10 Signature.
I see so many suggestions from A'gon members. I never knew. I'll keep an eye out for something that shows up used locally and try one.
You might want to check out the Audiolab 6000A. It can be used as an integrated, or a dedicated preamp or power amp. It has very good specs, nice build quality, and a very good built in DAC plus bluetooth streaming and a phono input.

It’s right at the $950-$1000 price point.

I have been happy with mine.
Full disclosure: I'm selling a Wyred4sound STI 500. Personal interest aside, it truly sounds fabulous. 250/ a side into 8 ohms.