Smooth sounding copper IC like Kubala Sosna

Recently I got my tube preamp modified which has now resulted in a revealing yet emotionally involving sound. Interestingly it has started revealing flaws that exists else where in my system (at least thats what I am guessing). There is an upper midrange emphasis to the tones which is making the overall presentation a bit to energetic, I know it is not supposed to sound this way. I am using two ICs which have silver content and can sound bright in some systems, I guess they need to be changed.

I am pretty sure I want only a copper IC. I like the Kubala Sosna Emotion a lot but cant afford them.
I am looking to spend a max of $500, new or used.
I see Cardas Golden Ref coming on sale here for $500 often but I have read that they can add false bloom in the mid bass which I would not like introduce.

I am looking for a smooth sounding IC which does good bass and does not roll off treble in a deliberate way.
The following are on my short list:

1. Audio Note Lexus Copper IC
2. Audio Tekne Copper
3. Kimber KS1011, 1016
4. Purist Audio, really do not know which model to choose here
5. Greg Straley Reality cable
6. Anti IC.
7. XLO Unlimited Edition

I just know by reading that all these ICs are Copper and are known for being smooth hence they are on my list. However, I am sure they all would sound different from one another. I would love to have the most refined among these (who doesnt :) ). The only two ICs that I can audition are the Anti and Straley. I will be doing it next week. But I am willing to experiment and buy blind if I get some strong recommendations.
Thanks Paladin. Among Gold cables there is always the KCI Silkworm. But I have not got into Gold simple because it is another territory which I have not explored at all it may end up surprising me a lot. Copper is something that I have used a lot and know how good or bad it can get. I kind of feel that my requirement is pretty generic hence a generic copper cable is all that I need. Something smooth and refined without adding lot of coloration to the bottom end. I may still be okay with a slightly rolled off highs though.

I thought the cables I have listed are quite universally used and I expected more comments on them...but so far not a single comments on these !!!!!
If you like the Kubala-Sosna sound, you might want to consider the less expensive Kubala Fascination or Expression cables.
I have heard the Synchestra Signature and did not like it at all. It was too edgy and in your face for my taste.

I may actually look at the expression. Fascination may be too entry level for my system.

BTW, I am also getting a used Jorma No3 for an affordable price. Can anyone please suggest how good they are and what would they sound like. I know Jormas are great in general but since this is their most entry level IC, hence I need some info to boost my confidence on them. If I hear some good things about them here, I may actually close the deal.
Kindly suggest.

Also, has anyone heard the Audio Magic Liquid air sorcerer and illusion ? How are they considering that I am currently focusing more on warm natural tones and not exactly transparency !!
Try adressing it from a powercord stand point,I've found this is sometimes the case, switch out PC's that you have and see what happens. I had a similar situation and replacing the older Ps Audio plus for an AC-10 gave me the things I liked about the new sound with out the upper mid emphasis that was entroduced, try it wont cost a thing!