Smooth sounding copper IC like Kubala Sosna

Recently I got my tube preamp modified which has now resulted in a revealing yet emotionally involving sound. Interestingly it has started revealing flaws that exists else where in my system (at least thats what I am guessing). There is an upper midrange emphasis to the tones which is making the overall presentation a bit to energetic, I know it is not supposed to sound this way. I am using two ICs which have silver content and can sound bright in some systems, I guess they need to be changed.

I am pretty sure I want only a copper IC. I like the Kubala Sosna Emotion a lot but cant afford them.
I am looking to spend a max of $500, new or used.
I see Cardas Golden Ref coming on sale here for $500 often but I have read that they can add false bloom in the mid bass which I would not like introduce.

I am looking for a smooth sounding IC which does good bass and does not roll off treble in a deliberate way.
The following are on my short list:

1. Audio Note Lexus Copper IC
2. Audio Tekne Copper
3. Kimber KS1011, 1016
4. Purist Audio, really do not know which model to choose here
5. Greg Straley Reality cable
6. Anti IC.
7. XLO Unlimited Edition

I just know by reading that all these ICs are Copper and are known for being smooth hence they are on my list. However, I am sure they all would sound different from one another. I would love to have the most refined among these (who doesnt :) ). The only two ICs that I can audition are the Anti and Straley. I will be doing it next week. But I am willing to experiment and buy blind if I get some strong recommendations.
Go for the gold- See if you can locate a pair of older/original Golden Dragon ic's.
The older ones have more gold in them than the newer ones.
I have a pair of XLR's (NOT FOR $ALE) between my CD/Universal player & pre amp & they are fantastic!
Would buy another pair (XLR) to run between my amps & pre in a nano second.
Another option is talk to Tom Kenny @ Aural Thrills - He's made me a ton of his "active" cables & has many options available (copper, silver, palladium & gold).
Hope this helps in your quest.
Thanks Paladin. Among Gold cables there is always the KCI Silkworm. But I have not got into Gold simple because it is another territory which I have not explored at all it may end up surprising me a lot. Copper is something that I have used a lot and know how good or bad it can get. I kind of feel that my requirement is pretty generic hence a generic copper cable is all that I need. Something smooth and refined without adding lot of coloration to the bottom end. I may still be okay with a slightly rolled off highs though.

I thought the cables I have listed are quite universally used and I expected more comments on them...but so far not a single comments on these !!!!!
If you like the Kubala-Sosna sound, you might want to consider the less expensive Kubala Fascination or Expression cables.
Luminous Audio Synchestra Reference
I have heard the Synchestra Signature and did not like it at all. It was too edgy and in your face for my taste.

I may actually look at the expression. Fascination may be too entry level for my system.

BTW, I am also getting a used Jorma No3 for an affordable price. Can anyone please suggest how good they are and what would they sound like. I know Jormas are great in general but since this is their most entry level IC, hence I need some info to boost my confidence on them. If I hear some good things about them here, I may actually close the deal.
Kindly suggest.

Also, has anyone heard the Audio Magic Liquid air sorcerer and illusion ? How are they considering that I am currently focusing more on warm natural tones and not exactly transparency !!
Try adressing it from a powercord stand point,I've found this is sometimes the case, switch out PC's that you have and see what happens. I had a similar situation and replacing the older Ps Audio plus for an AC-10 gave me the things I liked about the new sound with out the upper mid emphasis that was entroduced, try it wont cost a thing!
Hi Jdub,
Your suggestion is nice. But truthfully speaking the power cords I use are loaded with natural warmth, especially in the lower mids to upper mids. I am 100% sure it is not the culprit. Moreover they present such palpability that I dont want to disturb them.

I am now also looking at the MAC Mystics. Any opinion on these friends !!!!
Why not build a pair of VH Audio's DIY Silver IC's using High Quality Copper?
I just built a couple of pair using their DIY instructions and NOS Western Electric 24 AWG silk covered copper speaker wire. Yummy!!
Honestly, although I use Kubala Sosna Emotion exclusively in my system (currently), I will highly recommend the antipodes cables (try the Kokiri, you won't be dissapointed). Smooth, detailed, good speed and a true feeling of live music which the KS cannot match. The KS is more detailed in the midrange (slightly more refined but I'm spitting hairs here). Anyways, for the money they are unbelieveable.

I've also tried the Cardas Golden Reference ... very nice cables but (without dissrespect) not in the same league as KS or Antipodes. The Cardas cables sound good in systems some systems where they match but otherwise they can sound unbalanced and slow.

The KS Fascination are too lean in the midrange. I think the Expressions or Emotions are the way to go unless you can afford the Elations.
Hi Pani: I've had extremely good experience with the MAC Mystics. I've tried many different cables, and I keep coming back to the Mystics. The price point cannot be beat, and I feel that they keep up with just about any cable. If you want more info on my experience, let me know, and I'll write back. Good luck on your decision.
I finally got the Fusion Audio Romance IC-1. I bought it from Eric Love of Fusion Audio.
It has been playing in my system for about 20 hours. Okay, this is making a strong case of ending my interconnect search.
Since it is still burning in, I am keeping my excitement under check but just to give an heads up, I cannot imagine a Kubala Sosna Emotion beating this IC. At the most they may be equals.
I am saying this without ever listening to a Kubala Emotion :). I have only read about them and heard from friends. But it is very likely that the Fusion would trounce the Kubala...they are that good right away.

I will write a complete review after I do about another 100 hours on it. Till that time finger are crossed. I hope I keep liking it as much I seem to now.
Wow, you are able to say that the Fusion will very likely "trounce" the KS without even hearing it. I'm on pins and needles waiting for your "complete" review.
Will do it, after I and the Cables have done 200 hours together :). So, I know my statement is a bit too bold but having heard many interconnects, the performance of the fusion is so flawless that I did take the courage to write off the KS without listening.
Cardas cables in my experience are very system sensitive. Even their less expensive cables like Quadlink can sound great in the right system. Give them a try they are great value and can perform very well if they match your system.
The closest cable that has the smoothness of the KS without becoming lean is the Purist audio design museus.
I own a few of their cables & they are very close.
The KS is just more refine, more smoother but the PAD is pretty close.
Hi Lordmelton,
I agree with you that Cardas can be great value. I am using Golden Cross between modded Cello Audio Suite and modded Fourier OTL. Sufficiently detailed and very "life" sounding cable. Incredible dynamics plus acceptable low end. I only have an analogue front end (modified Platine Verdier + Vd Hul Grasshopper GLA 4). Since I need 9.5 meters of IC there is little room for experimenting but I don`t have the impression that there is lacking something.