Smooth jazz recommendations

Looking for some well recorded smooth jazz Cd's..vocals or instrumentials suggestions apprecited....
Its not smooth jazz,but give Michael Hedges a try. Its classified as New Age. He is an incredible guitar player,and its very well recorded. Some of the titles are:Oracle,Taproot,and I'm sure some AGoners will chirp in some more titles. Its 4:40am and I'm tired........
Fourplay, Acoustic Alchemy ( also found under New Age for some reason ), Diana Krall,Spyra Gyra. That ought to keep you busy for awhile. Oh,guitar based: Earl Klugh , Larry Carlton and Lee Ritenaur. Acoustic Alchemy is also guitar based.
Easy, Ronnie Earl and the Braodcasters buy the Colour of Love CD mostly guitar instrumental, if you like it email me and I will give you more suggestions or email me and I will make a copy and send it to you, my Xmas present to you.

Happy Listening.
I've been listening to Grover Washington Jr lately. Not sure of the album title but its 2 CD's.each CD is around 70 minutes long I think.

Its pretty much vocal-less. Really smooth, what i'd call R&B-Jazz. What ever it is I like it -its relaxing and has put me to sleep a few times.

SOund quality wise, I've heard better I've heard worse.
Freddie Ravel, great CD
FourPlay (Yes Please... and 4 - these are my two favorites but they have a greatest hits)
Chris Botti
Euge Grove
Larry Carlton
David Lanz

Here are some suggestions, but like anything, we all have our own tastes.
Here's a few:

Tom Scott,
Bob James,
Grover Washington Jr.,
John Klemmer,
Yellow Jackets
try some real jazz... Bill Evans trio at the village vanguar, some miles ie the famous kind of blue... or maybe some ecm albums might be a good start Charles Lloyd etc... I have always heard smooth jazz as instrumental pop. the real stuff has so much more depth and a lot to offer even if some of it isn't always sugar coated.
The Instinct label has a few compilations in your favorite music store titled, appropriately enough, Smooth Jazz.
These cd's are priced considerably less than your standard cd's and are very good for that genre.
All of the above recommendations are also pretty much a must.
Good Listening!
Just turn on just about any so-called "jazz" radio station, and you'll hear all the smooth jazz you can stand (or can't stand, in my case).

Please consider In Lincoln Cathedral by the Ric Sanders Group which is a live acoustic recording from Heliopause Records (Voiceprint Group). The performance is a potpourri of progressive jazz with strong folk, classical and even prog-rock inflences. The musical content is unusual; works of Davis, Zawinul and Corea are presented with improvisational stylings that recall Grapelli and Reinhardt. Additionally, original compositions stand alongside interpretations of lesser known pieces by Paul McCartney and George Harrison. The group consists of Sanders on violin, Vo Fletcher on guitar and Michael Gregory on drums and percussion (Rick Wakeman guests on piano on Hendrix's Little Wing). Ric also has the distinction of of occupying the violinist's chair with the legendary Fairport Convention since 1985. This release is presented as a 2-disc package. Disc 1 has 72 minutes of the redbook recording. Disc 2 has the same tracks presented in redbook binaural and DTS 5.1 plus 19 minutes of MPEG video from the same recording session. This imported release is available through Music Direct. Disclosure: Sanders is a personal friend of mine and thought this would be an opportunity to introduce their music to fellow Audiogoners!
My best recorded smotth jazz CDS are from Brian Culbertson (spelling?). Especially nice with HDCD.

Other suggestions:

Marion Meadows
Boney James
Earl Klugh
Carol Dubocq
Im open to the smooth jazz concept of the new artist,even though they have not "paid their dues" like the previous generations of "true jazz artist" you cannot deny the talents.I would like to think they will open some doors for the youth of today to accept a alternative to rap,pop,and boys/girls one hit wonders groups.Maybe a transition from smooth jazz might make them research into the 19th century of jazz pioneers.So to paint the whole industry of "soft jazz" as candy coated is somewhat an insult to the artists who are in that field.
Hi, Do I have a great one for you. It is Jeanne Lee with Mal Waldron, title After Hours. This is not only great music but sound wise blows away most of my SACDs and this is only a standard CD.#SSC3502 on the Owl Sunnyside label. I really think you will love it, I sure do. jerry.
Big, Sweet 'N Blue, with Norris Turney on Alto Sax. With Larry Willis, Walter Booker, and Jimmy Cobb. This CD is on the Mapleshade label, and sonics are marvelous. Smoother than 150 year old Grand Marnier!
Even my girlfriend (who admittedly doesn't care for jazz) likes the Charlie Haden cd's: "A Night in the City" with Kenny Barron on piano- a duet in a nightclub setting with a good system sounds like you are right there. Great dim light music at dinner. Also "Nocturne" with Gonzalo Rubacalba, which has more varied instrumentation.

If these two aren't "smooth" then accuse me of being too much of a jazz aficionado...but please give a listen as you can preview them at Amazon, etc.
Frank Morgan "Mood Indigo"
Look for a thread on Denny Jiossa. There might be one on Brian Hughes also. After that, Larry Carlton, Norman Brown(After the Storm), Fourplay, Rippingtons, Fattburger, Chieli Minucci, Ray Obiedo (Modern World), Bob James (Morning Noon and Night), Zachary Breaux (Live or Uptown Groove), Rony Jordan (At Last), Craig Chaquico, Chris Standring (Velvet, Hip Sway), Alex Bugnon, Kirk Whalem, Art Porter, Crusaders, Thom Rotella, Four80East (Nocturnal), Richard Elliot, David Benoit (Fuzzy Logic), Chris Botti, Nick Colionne and many more. This might not be smooth jazz, Michael Manring "Drastic Measures". This list can be extended even further. Good luck with your search. Try Borders for audio samples.
You can check out a couple of web-sites.

Check out and go to the essential tab. I don't recommend all of them but the bulk of them are recommended. It is your taste in music that will determine which ones to keep and which to side step. The reviews are also good and it should provide you with a great jumping off site. Also check out their forum.

Move on to and go to their bbs section. There you will see many artists discussed. It is one of the official sites for Spyro Gyra and the Rippingtons.

Next move on to and go to their ovations and forum tabs.

In Europe check out and check out their reviews - some of the best.

For fusion stuff go to

Another spot where I have been able to find some real jewels is A really great company supporting unsigned major label artists or those who wish to stay independent. They are fast shippers, friendly, have a great money back guarentee and one of the best customer service teams in the business. (I am not affiliated with them but have been a customer for just over two years and have had all possive experiences with them.)

Oh by the way, as far as smooth jazz radio goes - forget about it. I have not tuned into a radio station for over four years. They don't really play jazz, or instrumental pop for that matter.

From these web-sites you will find more links to other web-sites and artists. This should keep you busy for a while.

Good luck on your musical journey and adventure. Remember it's "Music that Matters" in making life experiences more fun and enjoyable. :) At least by spouse believes me when I tell her that is why I keep buying more and more cds. ;)

I don't primarily listen to smooth jazz, as jazz keeps me busy enough, but I highly recommend Chris Botti. His style is mellow enough to qualify, but his mastery over the trumpet will satisfy most ardent jazz fans. He sort of reminds me of Chet Baker, worthwhile to check out also if you like mellow jazz.
I will list those sites on to my "favorites" sites..thanks for the links...