I am looking for Smooth Jazz on SACD. I have Chris Botti, Peter White, Grover Washington and Patricia Barber. Can you guys recommend some more. Thanks
Diana Krall- The Look of Love
Spyro Gyra- In Modern Times
-Jacintha "Lush Life" or "Autumn Leaves"
-Bob James
"LA4 - Just friends"
"like minds"
Anything by Stacey Kent, if she has SACD recordings yet. If not still incredibly smoooooooooth!

with "The Girl from Ipanema". Can it get smoother?
Check out Amusicdirect or Accoustic Sounds. The have a good selection, some of what your looking for. I did see Spyro Gyro, Gerald Veasley, David Sandborn and a few others. Look up the website and search. Well Hughes, I wish Brian Hughes had SACD, then I might consider going that route! Just kidding.
Please don't call Stacy Kent "smooth jazz".

To be quite blunt. "Smooth jazz" is just another name for muzak. It's uninspired elevator music and bears no resemblance to jazz except for the instrumentation.
cd 101.9 (wqcd) in nyc put a smooth jazz disc of hard to find songs it was put out by sony its a nice cd but maybe hard to find