Smoke contaminated component

Hi. I just purchased a vintage Marantz 2100 FM tuner (via eBay) and did not think to ask if the previous home/studio was smoke free. I have removed the top and I am letting it breath. Has anyone had success in removing the odors from within the cabinet? The metal cover also smells and I plan to wipe it down with hydrogen peroxide solution. Now I know "buyer beware". Thanks in advance. J.
When we took in gear like this in my stores, we used an open container, (like an empty margarine tub) or ziplock bag full of coffee grounds or rice. That seemed to absorb most of the odor.

I think Elizabeth has several options that she has tried over the years. Maybe she will chime in...
Baking soda? (Like for a refrigerator - assuming you can keep it from dusting).
Hydrogen peroxide can melt/deform plastic part, beware...
I'd use windex.
Good old fashioned vinegar.
If you have any connections with hotel or motel owners, one of their ozone-generating devices did the job for me. These machines are routinely used to remove tobacco odors from contaminated rooms.
In addition to baking soda, you can also store it in a bag of charcoal. Good luck, it could easily take a few weeks.
No problem, just take up smoking, you will never know the difference.
You might want to consider calling one of those companies that restore a house after a fire. They could probably make some good recommendations.
You can use either the Febreze or Ozium products. Both are available at FleaBay, Walmart, and Target...

Open it up and place a few of those Fabric Softener dryer sheets in there for a few days. Those will get rid of a lot of the odor.
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Great recommendations. Thanks all. Daily, for the last two weeks I have wiped down the chassis with pledge and microfiber clothe (excluding the plexi-glass on the Marantz 2100 FM tuner) All the while I have left 1/4 pound of dark roast coffee beans placed within the cabinet with the top unscrewed and slid back. My office no longer smells of smoke from the receiver, nor does it smell like coffee. In a few days I plan to get rid of the beans and plug it in. I'll report back again.