Smoke and DVD

Hi Audioners,

I have many times expressed a pOpblem of ny DVD players eventuaally edither stoppng play, not recocnizing the the disc or just refusinf tO plAY (GIVING SOME ERROr code) I have expressed this problem many times on this forum anD always seem to come to the same conclusion, no-one is listening to the problem. My Problem----- SOMETIMES A DVD WILL PLAY-----SOMETIMES IT WILL NOT---It has nothing to do with the format that the DVD was recorded at (as most replies seem to address) tO me it seem's that most likely the fault lies in the fact that I smoke . I can only assume from the repeated problems from many DVD players thaht the problem lies with me. I'm thinking that ciggarette smoke can build up on the optics of a DVD player and cause nit to not be able to read some discs (at least SOME of them on occassion) Please do not be so damm stupid as to respond to this query as to tell me that I should discs, My player UDED to play ALL the disc's as did my Denon Player--They both just seem to not recognize certain discs now. It has nothing nto do with the format with which they were redcorded. The player will sometimes play a disc that it pteviously failed to recognize, and sometimes the exact opposite will happen. Am I making nmyself clear? It is not the format , I am asking about the ability of a unit to play musically, no matter what the formst. I dondn't understan anything about ther formats--- I lust want good sound


Why don't you just clean your DVDs and your laser lens and find out for sure? Personally, I don't think your smoking is the problem, unless of course you're blowing smoke right into the player or onto the surface of your DVDs.

And get yourself a new keyboard for Christmas!
Happy Holiday
Have you tried cleaning the laser lens? Get some tape head cleaning fluid and a Q Tip. Or, buy a liquid disc type cleaner. Of course it would be best for you and your equipment not to smoke. Besides, it makes everything smell bad.
i'll skip the lecture on smoking but you can clean your laser real easy,get a bottle of rubbbing alcohol & a few q tips,after you clean the laser take a clean chamios & wipe off any left over residue.

you may need to take apart the lid to the laser housing but that's no biggie plus you get a nice little suprise,a warning lable telling you not to look directly into the laser while it's powered up,duh!

Get a new dvd player, cdp, and as Nsgarch suggested a new keyboard. Oh yeah, and quit freakin smoking. Any other questions?
Merry Christmas.
Dude you must be smoking some good $hit, cause you can't even type. No wonder your DVD player is confused. No, for real man, you got to stop smoking this stuff or next your TV will be showing something totally wicked and you'll be posting to complain about that. LOL. Happy Holidays!!!

Smoking, drinking and then trying to post don't always go together. That problem aside, it does sounds like a laser cleaning problem or a unit that's on it's way out. Good luck,

So What do you smoke? Can you share?
Even my delivery dude doesn't share with me what he's got for me but I suspect that his botanical good(quite naturaly grown I believe) come straight from Jamaica.

I'd first check if the DVD isn't upside down and
I can assume some kind of smoking substances can even booze electronics so giv'em a break for a while lol!
first of all, learn to spell, or at least use spell check. secondly, get a bedini ultra clarifier. it demagnitizes discs and will make a dramatic difference, much more than cleaners will. sounds a little hokey?? give it a try before you decide. i have the same issues with dvd's, and it is the only thing that has corrected the problem. it's a cheap fix, too.
Stvncar, Try first to magnetize an aluminium CD or DVD with the most powerfull magnet you can ever get and see what happens...
How in hell do you magnetize aluminum! Sheesh.
Smoke and mirrors Nsgarch.
I wasn't able to magnatize ANY of my CD's or DVD's. Do you think I might be buying inferior quality discs? I have access to some very powerful magnets at work, but they just couldn't do the job. Is there a "special" magnet I need to look into? I asked about an "audiophile" magnet at my local stereo shop and they all just kind of looked at me funny and said that they didn't carry one. Any online sources? I was able to find a BRASS/COPPER magnet online but nothing for aluminum. I bought the BRASS/COPPER magnet--but it was MIGHTY expensive. But what the HEY, I'll be the onliest one at my work whats got one of em.
I've taken the top off of the Denon and cant't seem to find a way to get at the optic's of the system. Is it that ha5d to get at or am I looking in the wrong place? Any help in accessing the optics of the Denon and/or the Sony would be greatly appreciated.


You may have to open the disc drawer to see it.