SME V - VTA screw replacement

Does anybody know where I can buy a replacement vta screw other than going thru some Sumiko dealer? I bought a V but it didn't come with set up tools. I've been told a hex screw would work but I don't think that is the case, it seems like I would strip the threads.

Thanks in advance for any help.
I would contact SME directly. I did when in the same situation a few years back, the screw was expensive about $ 50 or so when all postage etc was figured in.

Good luck

Here is the link to SME

Email them for price and shipping.
I'll suggest contacting Sumiko directly (rather than a dealer): 510-843-4500. They were quite helpful to my parts inquiries and do keep stock on hand.
Yup, I ordered one thru a local dealer and got it within a few weeks. You can set the VTA without it. Just loosen the clamp screws and you can move the arm up and down by hand, Just like many other arms. It would work to get you started if you want to set it up before getting the part. BTW, I'd buy an extra allen wrench from them that adjusts the height of the armrest. It is a weird "Witworth" size you can't get just anywhere. I misplace mine and couldn't get the armrest out of the way for a couple of weeks!
Thanks for the responses! I called Sumiko and they didn't have any in stock but suggested (closed for good Friday) and (didn't answer). Thanks for the help though. I'll try again next week.
I've dealt with Flat Earth and Teresa was great.
Just fabricated one for myself. Works great and makes fine adjustments for VTA and rake angle easy. Had to buy parts enough to make 3, so if you want, I'll make one for you and send it for $25 postage and all.
Thanks a ton for the offer but another member just happened to have an extra one and sent it to me. Sorry I didn't update.