SME V rewire

While changing cartridges, one of the soldered leads on my SME V came off.
The arm is circa 1990 with the original wiring.
Can the lead be soldered back on?
If that's not advisable, and a rewire is required, what are the better choices? While googling, I noted that the factory SME V wiring is not everyone's favourite.
The cartridge leads are push on, on the tonearm end as well so you can just get a new set of leads. The heat shrink on the arm end is just covering the push on connectors. New cartridge leads are available from several sellers on ebay etc.

I think that some folks object to the supplied VDH wire thats external to the SMEV i.e the tonearm cable - but not the internal silver wire i the arm it self.

Best of luck

I had some conversation with SME regarding rewiring two years ago. They use silver wire for rewiring, and do an overall tune up of the arm. If you want to use some other wire, as long as you supply it, they would be happy to install any wire you want. There are a few services in the U.S. that would rewire with Cardas wires for you. But I don't think it's a good option. Many had indicated Audio Note Japan Wires as the best. But I've been searching high and low, and the only thing available is Audio Note UK wire from a UK parts supply shop. No one seem to carry this mysterious Audio Note Japan wire.

I think sending it back to SME is the best choice. For about the same price, they will give your arm a tune up as well.

Viiu...I strongly agree with Gundam(FrankC)above. Though I presently own a different tonearm, the best and most dependable job of rewiring my previously owned SME IV.Vi tonearm was obtained from the SME company experts in Sussex, England. Their service and communication was outstanding in every way. And yes, other than their own wire, they will rewire your arm with the wire of your choice if you or the supplier sends it to them. Brian Laker at SME can assist you with any questions regarding rewiring.
The wire that Gundam91 is thinking of is now called Kondo. It is distributed in the UK by Definitive Audio, who will sell you a new SME arm that has been wired internally with it. It is an extremely good internal cable (better than the stock cable originally used for the Series V and also better than the MCS150), which allows a lot of information through.
SME will rewire your arm with this wire if you can obtain it.
Audio Origami (another UK company) also rewire arms with this wire (including SMEs). They also sell sets of headshell leads made from this wire.
If you send your arm to SME, they will check the bearings for wear (but so will Audio Origami). I doubt if they will give it a 'tune up'. At SME they are very down-to-earth people and they know that a tonearm is just an armwand, some bearings, a base and some wire.
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