SME V or Graham 2.2 on Michell Gyro SE

I'm trying to decide between these two arms but there is not much information about Michell paired with Graham. Any suggestions? I currently have the Michell Technoarm and would be adding a second arm to my table.
I use to sell the earlier Gyros and had a IV and a 309 later on other tables. I currently have a 2.2 on a Basis 2001. My impression from this is that either would work very well. They are two of the best arms available and I personally would be more than happy with either. I would get the version of the Graham with the SME base if there is a choice. I think either can benefit from a cable upgrade and just got one from an English audiophile who got disgusted with the prices charged for them and started making his own. He sells on eBay with a money back guarantee. They are under $200 in standard configuration, I got mine with Silver Bullet RCAs and Clearaudio DIN which added 40 pounds so I paid around $250.
A clarification, I meant to say that IF you decided on the Graham I would get the SME base configuration if offered a choice between it and the standard mounting one.
Either arm will work fine on the table. Its an entirely different matter as to what cartridges work with those arms, and that issue is far more important.
Stan hjas been arround block but also think Atmasphere has a good point about Cart/Arm compliance.
Something tells me Atmosphere has been around a few blocks himself. :-) I would assume Ssayeed is going to use his current Benz M2. If that is the case both arms should work well. I've not owned the SME, but I found the 2.2 not as enjoyable with low compliance cartridges. And it is somewhat finicky to setup with regards to the damping fluid.
Thanks for the responses. Yes, I am going to use the Benz M2 on the new arm. I am planning on keeping the Techoarm and have a Ortofon Rondo Red on it at the moment. So the SME or Graham will be an additional arm on the table.
Since the mass of both arms is in the medium range very low compliance cartridges are not ideal for either. I never meant to imply that they are identical in sound, only that they are of comparable quality. Which is best with a particular cartridge would be a case by case question, both work well with the medium compliance MCs [Denon 304, AT OC9, AT 33EV] that I use. I find the Graham alignment system easier for my old eyes than the SME but the SME system is also extremely accurate if used properly. I have found all arms that use damping to be a little finicky, I ended up not using it at all on the SME IV and VPI 12.7 as the cartridges I use do not require it. I use about the minimum amount in the 2.2. I will probably do the same with my Jelco 750, which I haven't yet set up, haven't got all the parts for my Linn upgrade project yet.