SME V arm and what cartridge?

I have a Dynavector XX2MKII right now that I love with my Clearaudio Performance table/Satisfy Carbon arm. Getting an SME 20/V arm and was curious which cartridges you guys consider to have good synergy with SME? Will the XX2MKII work well with the new table or should I be looking at something to replace it with.

I prefer the rich, smooth, dynamic sound to lean and hyper detailed. The XX2MKII is a very musical cartridge with great bass and a warmish tonal balance overall which I really like. Should I be looking up the chain of Dynavector or go in another direction?

I heard the SME 20/IV.Vi with a Sumiko Celebration and thought it was a very nice combo but the rest of the gear was very different from mine. I've also heard the Spiral Groove with various Lyra cartridges and was impressed as well. So I realize it is not so much the cartridge per say as it is overall synergy of table/arm/cartridge and the rest of the system as well. Still I am hoping guys familiar with the SME will chime in on their favorite synergistic choices of cartridges with the SME arms.

The rest of the system is Wilson Sasha's, Lamm M1.2s, Lamm LL2 Deluxe and EAR 324P phono.

Have been told that the Sumiko Celebration was voiced with the SME V. I do have the Celebration but not the SME V arm at this time.
I am using a Miyajima Shilabe in aSME V on a Kuzma Stabi Reference with great results. It has a deep round bottom end with plenty of air on top. It is not quite as well rounded as my Transfiguration Orpheus, now on a Triplanar Garrard 301 combo, but at 60% of the price it comes closer than it should.
In general, the SME V is one of those Arms which perform well with nearly everything. The choice is yours.
The Lyra Systems are good in that Arm, also Transfiguration, Dynavector (TeKaitora) and some more.
How about the new Lyra Delos? Or a 2. hand Zyx UNIverse (when available)?
SME V mates well with Ortofon A90. Heard this combo a week ago and it has a good synergy. Tracking is really good with fast transients. It will not give you lush on the mids and high like the other colored carts. Not too dynamic but detailed and controlled bass with weight. What it gives you is well balance presentation for long hours of listening. This cart has very unique characteristic. You should hear this cart given the chance.

The Benz LP or Benz LPS sounds like it will fit your description. I use the older Benz LP with an SME V and it presents itself as a neutral pick-up device, neither detracting nor adding to the music. I hear music and nothing exagerated in the frequency spectrum. It can do jazz, rock and orchestra with no problems, allowing one to focus on the music rather than the mechanics of the device. At least on my system.
Lyra Skala would offer good synergy with the rest of your system, which already leans towards the darker, warmer side. I think the Dynavector, Sumiko, and Benz cartridges would push your system too far to the warm and smooth side of things. I use a Lyra Skala on my SME 10 with all BAT electronics and Wilson Sophia 2s.
The Transfiguration Orpheus is an excellent match to my SME V. Neutral, natural timbre, quick.

By the way - a bit off topic - how do you like the Sasha with the Lamm 1.2 ? I'm considering that combo myself.
A friend uses an Orpheus in a fully upgraded SME 309. The combination is terrific. In terms of tracking ability, the Orpheus works better in the 309 than in a Graham Phantom and a Basis Vector. I would bet that it would perform even better in the V, which is a better arm still.

But, I bet any of the top contenders would be terrific with the V. I doubt that your choices are constrained by any compatibility issues.
Thanks for the suggestions so far guys.

Jtimothya, I love the Lamm and Sasha pairing. Let me put it this way, I don't know for sure if Lamm can bring out the very best of Sasha, it certainly does an excellent job but I can tell you for sure that a speaker like Sasha can certainly bring out the best Lamm has to offer!
I have a SME10/V combo and used to have a Sumiko Celebration before I upgraded to an AirTight PC-1. Both sound great on a SME V, but the PC-1 just has more of everything for the added price. Faster, more neutral, more extended and better dynamics. The Celebration is a GREAT value. Have you considered the new Sumiko Santos? It is supposed to be much better than the Celebration for $3500, though I have not heard it. I read it was also voiced on the SME30/V combo.
Flyski - thanks for the follow-up! I've heard from or read several folks who go for the Lamm/Wilson combo. A recent review at the Audio Beat covers the Sasha/Lamm 1.2. Pardon my going off topic.