SME Tonearms of Canada - Alfred and Company that sell new and refurbish SME

Does anyone have experience with SME Tonearms of Canada They seem to know their stuff; experience of the ages and are absolute about what a NEW SME arm needs, starting with a rewire. 
Any thoughts from members who have bought from them, know them, experienced it first hand??? 
i had one restored by SME.  They do a great job... i think a bit pricey but no one else specializes in vintage SME.  It's a great arm if you are restoring an awesome vintage table.  I used mine on a Thorens TD125 perfect match! 
Purchased an SME IV from them last year. A friend of mine had his SME 3009 S2 refurbished there. In both cases everything went smoothly, Alfred is a nice guy to deal with; highly recommended.
Have you done a search? This topic has been posted and discussed before. Short answer; he does good work but on my vintage SME 3009 arm, when the problem with the cue lever could not be resolved, he stopped returning my messages and calls. He also hard-sold me on a forty year old NOS GAS moving magnet cartridge for $900 and refused to take no for an answer until I insisted he stop bringing it up. Overall, good and bad.