SME Tonearm Question

I bought a brand new (NOS) SME 20/2 and IV.Vi tonearm and there was no tonearm cable in the box, even though the list of contents in the user manual states that one is included.

Can anyone here tell me whether it's actually included with their tonearms?  The dealer is telling me it is not.

Yes, SME has always included cables with this arm. It's even on the website:
"Audio lead Length 1.2m
Capacitance 140.0 pF per channel
Resistance 0.145 ohms per conductor"
I went through the same thing about 20 years ago.  Bought a new IV.Vi through a local dealer and there was no cable in the box.  My type III came with a cable, and I approached my dealer and complained.  His response was that cables were no longer included.  He was nice enough, however, to give me an SME cable that he had in the shop.

I understand that SME is under different management.....probably looking for addition profit.
The SME IV.Vi was an arm made for SUMIKO when they were the distributors.  From what I know that arm did not include a cable,  but all other SME arms came with a cable.
OK, thanks for the responses.  
Can anyone attest to the sound quality of the stock SME cable vs. third party cables?
I can find an SME cable for around $100 second hand but third party cables are all 3-4 times that or more.  If I have to buy a cable I'd like to have some idea of what the bang for the buck factor is in upscale cables.
The SME IV.Vi was an arm made for SUMIKO when they were the distributors.  From what I know that arm did not include a cable,  but all other SME arms came with a cable
According to SME, the arm comes with a cable. I provided a link to the SME that states this quite clearly. (See above.)
SME did supply the Van den hul (VDH D 501) DIN connector tonearm cable with all their arms. Maybe they don’t include it anymore. You should Email them for an answer!
Thanks for posting this.  The link to Upscale's site does indeed state that the tonearm cable is not included.  I actually purchased mine from Upscale.  Mystery solved.  
SME IV-Vi is not the same as SME IV.  SME IV-vi  was is SUMIKO exclusive

Now that you’ve established that you were not short changed its worth knowing that the SME supplied cable , sourced from Van Den Hul, is widely unloved, often being perceived as thin and edgy. That was certainly my experience and I changed it for an AudioQuest Leopard which I liked much more. The problem you will have is finding a cable with the right handed DIN you need which can be an issue as there are not too many choices on the used markt

Heres the stock SME

and what seems to be available in an angled DIN
These cables can be hard to find as they are not often well indexed

if you can afford it this would be a great choice, I run the AQ WEL on my system at present (btw the asking price is $300-500 too high on this one, figure 30-40% of list for a used cable, even mint)

Of course many would suggest the best thing to do is put in one of these and then select the RCA cable you want to accompany it

Thanks for the suggestions.  
While this type of cable is not very common I have found several options.
This one comes highly recommended on another forum:!/Impact-SE-Angl...

I can't find anything about this cable that makes me think it won't work with the SME tonearm, can you?  They offer the DIN configuration in Jelco and Standard.  I believe the SME would be standard configuration.  
It's a tight fit in there.  So some din connectors won't fit or the orientation is not correct.  When I had a SME 20 I used a Hovland Phono cable and it had a Cardas DIN.
The folks at Kimber can easily make you a tonearm Cable for the SME 4.5.  Note the that the standard cable configuration makes the cable end come out at a horizontal plane to the table, it need be oriented at either 3 or 9 o'clock (cannot remember, will update once I check my files)  to make the cable protrude downwards.  Graham tonearms are opposite to get the cable to exit downwards.

Best of Luck

I am pleased with the Audio Sensibility balanced cable. Call and speak with Stephen Huang directly and he will give you a precise answer.
I did order the Audio Sensibility cable, arriving this week.  
Thanks again for the help!