SME series III update

I got the "new" black arm wand yesterday. This is the "new and improved" version. The geometry on this wand follows Baerwald, not Stevenson as the original did. Also, the internal wiring is different. The wires are not "hairs" as the original. Anyway, I mounted the Grado Master Reference. For kicks, I also used the enclosed weight between the cart and the headshell to see what more mass would do. I set VTF, VTA and azimuth. I used the mirror trick for the azimuth. I used my old Geodisc for alignment. I was able to get the overhang and offset right on the money. Rechecked VTF, VTA and azimuth. I put on a new copy of the Keb Mo LP I just got........ All I can say is WOW!!! I was A/B'ing it with the CD.... LP is better. I then played other LP's I had been listening to with the old wand... Everything just comes together so much better with this new wand. Bass is deep and tight. Soundstage is deeper, wider more coherent.

I am a happy vinyl camper now.......

Is this for the vintage SME III?

Where does one buy a "new" black wand?

Glad to hear you are enjoying it.
Yes, it is the vintage SME III. I got the wand here from a fellow agoner. It appears to be virtually new. All original packaging, cartridge mounting compound and bias weight that had never been opened. No marks on it at all.
Happy to hear all is working out well with the Series III and the Grado woodbody. I was wondering if you would have had enough room to mount the Grado without using the weight and are you using the silicone damping ? Seems like I read about wood Grado's being a tight fit, maybe this is with the early style arm wands ? Thank's David
No problem at all with room. Yes, I am using the silicon damping with it. All is good. Well, I need to adjust the lifter height. I raises the arm a mile off the record and just barely clears when in the playing position.