SME series III

I recently pickup up a vintage TT with the SME series III arm. It came with both the integrated Ortofon SME 30H wand and the standard wand/headshell fitted with a Grace F9 cart. I have the manual for the arm, but no info on the Grace cart. Can anyone tell me the recommended tracking force for the Grace? Also, what should I use for the damping fluid, as none came with it for the arm, and where can I get it.

Also, if I were to pick up a different cart for this arm, what would you recommend? I'm now running a Trichord Dino phono stage.
Try 1.4 grams.I have an SME III with the Grace F9E.A different cartridge?That's easy-A Shure V15 type 5.

As a kid in high school, my SME III tonearm was my most prized audiophile possession next to my Magneplanar MG-Is.

I thought it was hypnotically beautiful and very well made.

At that time, my audio mentor suggested a Grado Signature cartridge which worked well and had midrange to die for.

I think I also had a Grace F9E, but used that more on a later turntable, my Yamaha PX-2.

Not sure about dampling fluid, but I think Flat Earth Audio may have some dealings in SME products.

Good luck and have fun.
Hi,my Grado Green bettered the Shure v15 type 5 cartridge on my series 111 arm.Try for the damping fluid.Regards derockster