SME release new Garrard 301

Price is 12,500GBP (c.$16500)
If I ever do a new bearing housing, it'll be in a CTC 301 with 401 motor.
I do have an AF idler and CTC platter which raise the performance by an order. Does the kokomo still indent the base of the shaft?

Concerning the Kokomo, the answer is no. It has been redesigned and now has a polymer fly-disc that sits between the ceramic ball and spindle face. It is so far beyond the stock old style bearing with its mandatory flat-spot :) that its impossible to miss the step up in sound across the board.

You’ll notice that the platter will spin more freely thus faster when going from the stock bearing to a Kokomo or any other better bearing. If everything else is mechanically up to spec, you will most likely need to turn the breaking power up (slow the platter down) a little.

I checked out your system profile. I love your man cave. I bet you’ve got good sound. Also I noted your a Decca fan :) I also have a London Ref in my stable and its on my 401 at this time on a Jelco. Trying to figure out if it will work better with a Kuzma Airline, 14” 4 Point or my EPA 100 mk2 which is being redone with lab grade ruby bearings.

Those speakers can sound live like nothing else, and with your Decca I can only imagine!
My 301 has been modded with the Peak HiFi (which I believe is CTC) brass bearing, CTC brass platter, and the PSU from Ray at ClassicHiFi. With the PSU, you disable the eddy brake. With the [much] heavier platter, there is no reason to induce drag as the eddy brake was designed to do. When Brian Walsh checked my platter speed with the Feickert Adjust+ software system, my speed was spot-on with very little wow or flutter. 
I am a bit puzzled by Audiofun's comment about the platter "spinning freely". At least on my 301, the platter will not spin freely-the idler wheel-mine is the Audiosliente btw-is always engaged against the inside platter rim. The Garrard (unless I am mistaken) was not designed to engage and disengage as the Thorens TD124 was. The "on" lever simply engages the motor and does not trigger engagement of the idler.