SME release new Garrard 301

Price is 12,500GBP (c.$16500)
Let me guess....price doesn’t include speed box because five figure turntables just can’t regulate their own speed out of the box.
Artisan Fidelity designed and machines their own billet chassis for the 301 and 401. It is not an O.E.M. This is quite readily available information on their site along with the videos of their machine shop in mid process of producing the chassis.

I have a one-off (4 arm capable) SP10 mk3 NGS from AF along with a 401 which is going to get the steel version of their billet chassis.

I’m not quite sure why people keep claiming Technics made a mistake with the styling. One may not like the styling but the fact remains that they sold out of the first batch of GAE’s in 30 minutes and it continues to be a very sought after table. I’d say that’s a resounding success. Styling is another thing, I’m not enamored of the styling on plenty of tables including the Techdas AF1 but I wouldn’t dare call it a mistake, just my taste runs differently.

I sold my GAE for more than I purchased it for new and that after owning it for two years. I only sold it because I wanted to play with an idler and I don’t want three tables also I didn’t feel like another project (was going to internally disconnect that crap SMPS) and supply an outboard regulated linear. Too many other audio projects going on :)

@audiofun Pretty sure Artisan Fidelity get their 301 chassis from Classic Turntable Company in the UK. 
no romance:

This is how misinformation gets started. A.F. does not use anyone else’s chassis. They designed and have their own billet chassis made for them at their shop. I’ve been to the shop and Chris’s home more times than I can count.

They did do a custom build for a magazine reviewer who supplied them (AF) with a  CTC chassis that he (the reviewer) purchased for the build. 
@audiofun Got it. Yes, I see the review. Funny thing is I got this info from someone else. You're right, bad intel. Thanks for the correction. FTR, I have one of Chris' idlers!