SME release new Garrard 301

Price is 12,500GBP (c.$16500)

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@jperry Loricraft made a 601 - a lesser 501 with speed control. Not sure if they make it still.
I know Lew, it's almost like it's 4/1. Seems to be a Loricraft-style plinth.
Insider info from Munich show!
I believe it comes with the tonearm and plinth.

I know. It's also looking likely that this "new" 301 is in fact, a Loricraft restore and not a newly engineered table. Will update when I hear more.
So Herb is being a little coy...but it looks like it is a Loricraft-style hollow plinth with squishy ball suspension. Still uncertain as to whether it is new manufacture or refurb.
That's my point. Most of those you mention are not here, nor are they buying hundreds of units from the current refurbishing companies it would seem from the turnaround and length of time they take to sell. So who are these prospective buyers of the "new" SME 301?
I suppose SME are taking the 'if we can fool some of the people some of the time' route in marketing this little earner.
@audiofun Pretty sure Artisan Fidelity get their 301 chassis from Classic Turntable Company in the UK. 
@audiofun Got it. Yes, I see the review. Funny thing is I got this info from someone else. You're right, bad intel. Thanks for the correction. FTR, I have one of Chris' idlers!
If I ever do a new bearing housing, it'll be in a CTC 301 with 401 motor.
I do have an AF idler and CTC platter which raise the performance by an order. Does the kokomo still indent the base of the shaft?
No AF tables. 2 AudioGrail 401s - an early twin spark in slate and a later one in walnut/maple+brich ply.

See my system in details.
@fsonicsmith The idler does not rest on the inner platter rim. When in the Off position, the idler is pulled away from both the rim and the pulley.

There are 2 things going on @fsonicsmith There is a friction brake on the inside of the 301/401 platter which stops the rotation as soon as the machine is turned off. At the same time, the idler is moved away from the pulley and rim.
See here:
@audiofun Thanks for looking over the cave. I love the Decca. I have another Garrott Grey Export. Be interesting to hear the LDR on the other arms especially the Kuzma but all that is out of my willingness to spend that kind of money. It all goes on enormous property taxes and healthcare insurance payments.