SME lV arm upgrades?

I seem to remember reading about upgrades being available for the SME series lV arms. I have one. I'm guessing this involves changing the wiring. I wouldn't know what else.
Does anyone have any experience with this, or know who provides this service, or how much it is?

I wouldn't touch the internal wiring. SME uses (and ONLY in this arm) a special ribbon conductor, similar to that used in Magnan cables and ICs. In fact, Magnan was their original supplier. This conductor is perfect fot MC cartridges, and also offers the least bearing resistance of all.

The one upgrade I would recommend, would be the addition of the optional damping trough, if it doesn't already have it.
Thanks for the advice Nsgarch. My next question might seem to indicate that I don't have it, but could you tell me how I might know if I've got the optional damping trough? It's been awhile since I set the arm up, after it was on the turntable that I purchased. What benefits are suggested with the addition of the damping trough?
Also, is this something I'd order from an SME distributor, or is this an aftermarket piece?

From the SME website:

ACCESSORIES - Pick-up arms
To damp arm motion: Part no. FDIV

For use with Series 300 and Series IV arms. Provides lateral damping only. Also provides for the fine adjustment of vertical tracking angle, a feature standard on the Series V arm. Complete with damping fluid in a syringe and instruction book. Go to:

You can buy them directly from SME, or Sumiko in San Francisco. (Factory is cheaper for parts I've found)

You can email Elaine Wratten SME Sales for prices:

As for whether your arm has one, it would be wrapped around the main pivot post on the inside (platter side) of the post.
What arm cable are you using? From the din (at the bottom on your arm) to your phono stage? That makes a BIG difference. I agree, the internal wiring is fine. I wouldn't mess with it.

I've used Graham IC50, Hovland Music groove and now a Purist Venestas arm cables. The Purist is the best, by far. Hovland good. Graham better than the stock Vdh cabl.
Thanks Nsgarch. I looked, and I don't see anything on the main pivot post between the part that holds the anti skate adjustment and the base. So, I guess I can order the fluid damper kit. Thanks.

Jfrech. I looked, I have the stock cable going from the arm to the phono stage. I think it's stock, the RCA at the phono stage end say "SME England" on them.
I'll try and find the cables you've recommended. Do these come up in the cables section of Audiogon I wonder?
Thanks again.
For phono cables used, search either "phono cable" or "tonearm cable" here on Agon. I also use a Purist Venustas like Jfrech, and think it's most amazing!
Thanks Nsgarch have the stock cable...that's likely you best upgrade path...
That's what I'm working on now, though I've also emailed Elaine @SME to see what's invloved in getting a damper.