Hi Guys;

Can anyone enlighten me on the differences between these two tonearms. I have both and am thinking about putting the IV on an oracle premier just to match the colour. I was told that the differences are no TOO big.

Please let me know your thoughts.

If you have both then why not mount both and find out. Sorry just couldn't help myself.

Anyway I do have the V and have never heard the IV but the only diff is that the V has the spring VTF dial which gives you dynamic balance and also the damping trough is standard on the V.
The bearings are a little better in the V:

"Many of the component parts of the Series IV are similar, if sometimes less rarefied, to those in the V. For example, bearings of ABEC-3 tolerance are used instead of ABEC-7."

This link has a pretty detailed difference list:
I had both and agree the differences arent to big
Thanks for the link Mofimadness.

Rccc, could you give your impression of the subtle sonic differences?
OK, so I started reading the link Mofimadness supplied, and the IV uses copper wire, instead of the silver wire found in the V. If I wanted to upgrade wire, what are my options and how difficult is it?
I've just had my V rewired with Audionote Kondo from the VDH silver that SME supplied. Definite upgrade for me but there are other alternatives. I know the US supplied arms are wired with copper, can't remember the name of the cable.

Valves, I am using a clearaudio stradivari. It seemed to track a little better in the V and a have a little more detail in the highs. I also could be imagining it as those differences were subtle. I used several preamps. I had also used several other cartridges with both arms and found less of a difference with for example a denon 103d. Would have happily lived with the IV but having the V decided to keep it.