SME IV or V continuous rewire

Has anyone had any experience in doing a continuous rewire on the SME IV or V? I did this to my Rega and it was astonishing. It seems to me that having all those bloody connectios with a signal thats a fifth of a thousandth of a volt is hardly desirable. Any info. appreciated.

A friend on Audiocircle (Marbles) had his SMEIV rewired by Robert at Ridge Street Audio and is very happy with the result. It's mounted on a Teres turntable.
I guess you could do a rewire on a V. I did, but not continuous. Just had SME install the vdH MCS-150M, a notch above the SME V stock wiring. IMO the benefits of using this wire outweigh the liability of adding another connection (headshell leads) if the connections are properly cleaned and treated. (You couldn't use the MCS-150M for direct wire because it's too fragile, as is most decent internal wire.)

As for the SME IV, it uses a coated-ribbon type internal conductor which is supposedly terrific w/ MC cartridges (more freedom of the bearing movement) so I wouldn't want to mess with that.