SME IV continuous rewire

Hi friends.

In order to avoid permanently my troubles and headaches adjusting the combo carts-SME IV-Clearaudio Champion Level II turntable, I'm considering in doing a complete rewire in my SME IV with a continuous wire, from clips to RCA/XLR.
I've several possibilities and options.

Cardas 33, probably the most common and well-known
Discovery (used in Durand Talea)

Ikeda and Kondo (used by Audio Origami) had reported troubles because are very thin and fragile.

Any experience with SME IV rewires especially with Discovery or Nordost?

On the other hand, where is possible to buy Discovery or Nordost cable for rewiring?

Why don't you use the same silver wire as his big brother? Maybe is your option.
Thanks for your reply Pojuojuo, but I´m not totally sure about it.
Some reviewers don´t agree with the sound quality of SME V internal wire. It seems to be not the best:

On the other hand, the Kuzma´s dealer in Spain agree with that: in his opinion, the worst link in the audiophile experience chain of V´s is its internal wire. He is keen on Nordost (uninterrumpted cable).

Another candidate: Mörch internal wire. What´s about it? Anybody can tell me something about the brand of Mörch internal wires?
Juan A. is good friend of me, he likes Nordost and Crystal a lot...
But he prefer Nordost...hahaha
Anyaway, candidates are:

Cardas 33

both of them in cotton shrink, or silver wire like Mörch (unknown brand?) in silk shrink.
AN-UK, Kondo and Ikeda eliminated. Too expensive and maybe they´re not worth.
I am not able to find anything about Nordost used inside Kuzma 4point arms.