SME III help needed

Hi everyone,

I would very much appreciate to get an advice in the following matter.

I bought a SME 3009 series III tonearm on ebay. When I received it the tag with the model name was missing. I have heard that there is a SME III 3009S which is a simplified model of the original SME III. Could anyone tell me how I could distinguish this simplified S-type from the original series III without the -S.

Many thanks in advance!
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The S version lacks the damping trough as a standard feature; it is an option. The S version has simpler counterweight adjustments without the screw trim.

Thanks so far! Took another look at it: there are 2 screw adjusters in the rear, one in the front and on on the right side (if watched from the headshell towards counterweight), all together 4 adjusters. So it might be the 3009-without-S
Crockusbird: The SME manual detailing the differences is at:

This is an excellent site with a handy tonearm-cartridge matching graph. Have fun with your Series III. I went out and listened to "modern" turntable/arm/cartridge systems costing up to $10K and was not especially impressed. I suspect that a good high-compliance cartridge, properly loaded and set up, will sound great with your arm. I spent about 40 hours optimizing my turntable/tonearm setup and plan to spend more optimizing the loading with my Shure Ultra 500. Also you will have less record wear than the current heavy-tonearm, high tracking force, medium compliance systems. I think it is time well spent. Regards, HG