SME III arm wand rewire

Anyone rewire a SME Series III arm wand? Any advice, tips?
Very difficult. I tried dissecting one and, when I did, I had destroyed too much to permit reassembly. Mebbe you can do better but I'd just buy another off eBay.

I've never tried to change the wires within my SME V, but I did change from the stock cable to Kimber KCAG (soldered to the DIN 5-pin connector that goes into the arm base) - with very good results.
Hello, if you go to
click on Library
go to SME ,click
then click on Picture Gallery
on the 1st page their is a picture near the bottom that shows a breakdown of the series III wand.
This will give you an insite on rewiring the arm.
Good Luck, David
Thanks Jeadac. I've looked at that. Apparently, it is total PITA. SME won't do it. According to Alfred at Tube Audio Products, they are the only ones in the world that will do this....

Hope my leads aren't too short..... Dang little cartridge clips..... 2 broke off while trying to open them up to put the Grado cart on. Got some new Cardas clips coming. Ones that fit the 1.2mm pins.....
More than twenty years ago I asked my hi-fi specialist to rewire my SME III to silver MCS-300 by Van den Hul.
The silver wires go straight from headshell to Tiffany RCAs, total lenght 120 cm.
As silver is relatively stiff adjusting anti skating becomes little difficult but correct amount can be found twisting wires suitably. IME after all those years anti skate is not so critical as one may suggest, and if not fitting the error can easily be heard.
Uninterrupted silver signal path from cart to phono input gives far better sonics to this already excellent, very light wanded arm that fits perfectly the most compliants carts.
I think SME III with added mass on headshell fits also most other carts.
This rewired classic arm is a real giant killer IMHO.
Best regards