SME FDIV Damper kit

A friend of mine was at a local hifi flea market and ran across a 
SME FDIV Damper kit. Knowing I had an SME309 arm he picked it up for me. The unit seems complete but lacks installation/operation instructions. I have searched the web but cannot find them anywhere
. Is there anyone in the group that could supply me with this or tell me where I might find them?

I think I have them.  I was an SME dealer for quite awhile and they had a dealer binder that had a lot of this stuff in it.

I'm out-of-town for Christmas. If you still haven't found it, I will certainly look for it when I get home.
Thank you
please look when you have time...Merry Christmas to you
Shoot me an email and I can send a copy of the instructions

Good Listening


 Thank You so very very much.....Larry


Thanks for taking care of this!

Merry Christmas
Thanks to both of you for your help.....Merry Christmas to you