SME and Kuzma

I am thinking of upgrading my VPI Aries/JMW 10 to either the Kuzma Reference table and Airline arm or the SME 20/2 with the SME IV.v arm. Phono is an Aesthetix Io.

I would like to know if anyone prefers either table/arm over the other and why. Thanks. Would also like comments on the sound and build quality of either setup.

I have not made my decision yet, but I am leaning towards the Kuzma.

Rich Maurin

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You cannot go wrong with either of those choices. Both are stunning turntable/arm combinations.

A good friend who's part of my audio group has the SME/SME rig and it is wonderful. I've listened to it dozens of times.

I've admired the Kuzma at every audio show I've attended over the last few years and since I choose linear track for my own system, that design has great appeal to me as well. I suspect both tables are similar in signal to noise and speed accuracy with the SME arm holding an edge in the deep bass and the Kuzma winning in the low distortion, magic midrange and perfect tracking areas.

The good news, your going to have incredible sound with either one of those and a big upgrade from your current set up.