SME 345

I'm trying to find specs on a SME 345 but I´m unable to find it anywhere. More to the point, I´d like to know where to place this arm in the current SME line-up, since I´m considering upgrading my Origin Live OL1 for use with a brand new VDH Frog Gold MK2
I know that this arm was matched with the Oracle Delphi MKV tt, but cannot get any info. Any help?
brgds, Marcelo
Well, this is basically an SME 309 with SME4 bearings and SME5 silver internal wiring hence the name 345. It's a fine tonearm specially made for Oracle by SME.

I believe the retail back in the early 90's were somewhere in the region of US$3000

Specs will be the same as the 309
Genesis168 is on the mark, I bought a SME345 when I ordered my Oracle Delphi IV many moons ago. World class tonearm that has the best the Series III, IV, and V has to offer.
Thanks for the replies!! What a great learning source this place is, unbelievable!
I guess then it is a good purchase after all? I own an Oracle Delphi MKV but never heard of this option when I ordered, I went instead for the OL1 that was offered as a pack by the local importer (highly reccomended according to himself, I myself never was thrilled with the OL1 looks (cannot tell about the sound, unable to compare), kind of basic/ if it does not matches the Oracle...
OTOH: would you say that the 345 is a better match for the Oracle than the IV or even the V? (you kind of imply this but I'd like to avoid making the wrong choice..again).
Thanks a lot!
I think it depends to some degree whether you like to change/upgrade frequently, the SME V is a well known arm and could be easily sold, the 345 isn't well known and as such will likely not have the same pereceived value in the marketplace when it comes time to sell it. I've never used a OL1 arm so I can't comment on whether you'd be taking a step up or not.

My friend has a Delphi IV with a SME V arm but uses a completely different cartridge, phono preamp etc..It's really hard to say whether the 345 or the V is a better arm. I suspect the V is a better arm in some respects but Oracle had the 345 built for them to take advantage of the best each SME series has to offer. If I were you I'd call Mr. Riendeau at Oracle and get his opinion, he can be hard to reach sometimes but is very knowledgable and friendly.

Phone: 819-864-0480

6136 boulevard Bertrand Fabi
Suite 101
Rock Forest. Quebec.
Thanks for your kind advice! I believe I´ll stick to the Oracle-dedicated design from SME, one should think the Oracle guys would know better than having a mediocre arm bear their own name, so I should conclude the 345 will be "the" arm for the Delphi MKV (that is, within a reasonable price).
Thanks again
Brgds, Marcelo
I am also looking at purchasing an Oracle Delphi MKV
with the SME 345 tonearm.Can anyone give any advice on cartridge matching for this combination,eventual partnership will be with Audio Research amps & Maggies.
What will go well with this arm/i like most music styles
the budget is $2500/$3000 tops.I am thinking Benz/Koetsu
or van den hul.Not been able to demo any thing yet so some direction would be great.

I have both the 345 and the V. I can detect no performance difference between them. The 345 has a removable headshell the V is easier to set tracking force and vta. I havent found a cartridge that doesnt sound good with either one but I am currently using a clearaudio stradivari and it is magic with either arm but Im using it in the V which is easy to dial in.
I have just added the new Oracle Thalia ($1500) cartridge to my Oracle Delphi MKV + SME 345. It replaced a Koetsu Black, and the improvement is amazing. This combination works very well together.
To Skand,
I have the Oracle DelphiV and an SME 345. You may wish to consider the Dynavector line. I am currently running a Te Kaitora Rua but have heard all the Dyna carts in my system and think they are a very very good match.IMO of course.
I've owned an SME 345 for 5 years now, and I've not found a cartridge that wouldn't track with it.

I'm running it on an Avid Diva II SE with a Sumiko Pearl/Jico SAS Stylus-1. Yes this is a budget cartridge, and I've used an Ortofon Jubilee, Koetsu Black, AT 33PTG, Madrigal Carnegie One, Dynavector DVXX1, ZU 103, Blah blah blah, but the thick smooth sound of the SAS Pearl is what I can listen to for hours upon hours.