SME 312S match with Transfifuration Phoenix

I need advice on any possible matching problems of my SME 312S tonearm with one of the following cartridges;
Transfiguration Phoenix, or Lyra Delos/ Kleos.
I would also appreciate comments on the sonic differences b/w the above- mentioned cartridges.
I generally prefer more full- bodied sound with a very good bass response, vs. more detailed, lean and analytical sound.
I mostly listen to classical and some classic rock.
Hi Maril555,

As I understand, SME's 312S (14g) is a moderate mass arm (between 11 and 25g). It will be at its best with moderate to low compliance cartridges (between 5 to 20 x 10-6 cm).

I'm planing to buy a SME 312S, so I'm also curious to know anyone's experience with cartridge match.