SME 309 VDH tonearm cable replacement

Do cables exist with the SME plug that i could fit in the sme base just easily replacing the VDH ??
Is that a good idea to improve the sound of the SME 309 ??
Which type brand ??
I guess I should buy in the shortest version, correct ??
Other subject
I read around of a Disjunction box by sumiko that is supposed to give you a full choice of interconnect cables and that is of help for the turntable floaring freedom.
Opinion ??
thank you
The junction box works, but adds more breaks in the signal. Not all rca cables are appropriate for phono signals which are low in voltage. I recently upgraded my sme arm cable which was a vdh. I got the graham ic50. Big step up. wow, more detail, depth, silence...

As far as others Cardas, kimber, Hovland and plenty of others are choices. All of these are available with the SME din connectors...
Tks for the reply. In case cannot afford that 800 USD prices, can you indicate pls cable that still will better the VDH but in a lower price range ??
Or shall only allocate such a budget ??

The cardas and kimbers aren't that high. The Hovland is. You're going to have to spend $200-300+ to better significantly what you have.

Forgot to mention Graham, which is what I'm using now. All of these can be found used occasionally.