SME 309 and SOTA Sapphire - Cable & Cartridge Help

I have just ordered a new SOTA Sapphire and will use the SME 309 and the Cosmos armboard. I am looking for some feedback and help with the following:
1. The stock cable with the SME 309 is a right-angle DIN. I purchased the Furutech AG 12 right-angle DIN. Does anyone know if there is enough clearance underneath the SOTA for it? The vdH stock cable has a much smaller shell. Also, why can't a regular DIN work? The SME specs show that the tonearm interface faces the back of the tt and is parallel to the plinth.
2. Based upon the SME/SOTA/Furutech configuration, which of the 2 cartridges would you use: the Shelter 901 mk2 or the Dynavector XX2 mk2?

As always, I appreciate the help and feedback!
Thanks and happy listening!

I have a SOTA Star/SME 309/Lyra Kleos. Despite what some would lead you to believe, there is nothing wrong with the stock VDH cable that ships with the 309. It is detailed and neutral. I have tried it with two different phono pre's.

I would recommend the Kleos or a Delos for your 309. BTW, I have the composite armboard as well.

I cannot help with if or why not concerning the 90deg vs straight DIN. Did you ask Kirk at SOTA?

Good Luck,
I have a Sota Star with SME 309 using a variety of cartidges. No problem mounting the stock cable, or any other that I have tried, right angle or not. It is a very nice combination that will do justice to just about any cartridge you want to put on it. The combination is so neutral that you will really hear the sound of the cartidge, so pick one that suits your preference. You won't have to adapt because you are trying to make up for deficiencies in the sound of the table/arm.
Thanks, everyone!

I should be getting my SOTA next week. I decided to mount the Shelter 901 MKII on it with the Furutech phono cable.
Let's wait and hear!
I actually bought another headshell to try my Shelter 501 II . Let us know what the 901 sounds like in the 309. Details would be nice.

Also, how about comparing the stock cable to the Furutech? Not big on silver myself but I am curious.

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Will do!

I am still waiting for SOTA to deliver my tt.

I have found that silver cables seem to be too bright with a loss in the lower octaves.

Let's see what happens!

Did you get your Sota yet?
It just came but I haven't had a chance to set it up yet.
I will this weekend! :)
HOPE you can give us a little review i am looking at turntables. looking to replace a music hall mm-7. The Sota SME compo Looks good.
Just to give another perspective, I've had both the 309 and IV and in both cases I compared the stock tonearm cable to an aftermarket cable (one was a Nordost Tyr and the other the top of the line Origin Live-- both about $500) and the music felt choked with the stock cable. Now I was using it on a particularly dark sound system, tubes all around and Quad ESLs so maybe the cable it just balanced well and I need something on the detailed side. Or maybe what they say about the stock cable is true. I'm sure it's a little of both.
Dhcod - are you talking about the internal wiring of the arm, or the external cable, or both?
I run an SME 309 on my Sota Star with great results. I use a Dyna 17d2. The 309 will fit on the Cosmos board and it has enough clearance for the right angle cable mount. I would use the Shelter as the SME has a very neutral sound on the Sota, but maybe a bit tilted towards the bass and I think the Shelter is a livelier cartridge than the Dyna.