SME 3009imp. earth screw/eyelet orientation help

I recently bought a SME 3009 S2 imp. I immediately fitted a bronze knife edge bearing. The antiskating has been behaving strangely. If I apply the correct amount the arm will just sail towards the armrest. Even a small amount like 0.5g makes it difficult in use due to the outwards horizontal movement. I am sure that the platter and armboard is perfectly level. When I fitted the bronze bearing I didn't notice the orientation of the earth eyelet. The earth cable is tied in a knob at one end and soldered in the other. Which end do I insert first? Am I right in my suspicion that doing this wrong could upset the antiskating due to cable pull or am I barking up the wrong tree? FYI the wayrod for the rider weight has been set correctly to correspond with the cartridge mass. I didn't use the arm before the bearing change so I don't know if the problem existed before. Please help! I have the arm in a disassemblied state right now and am eager to get it back together.