SME 3009 wood arm ??

hello to all, i have a SME 3009 (original , I )tone arm, with non screw in type head, non-detachable type head(but i can remove it easily by unplugging),, special thing is, with wood arm,(instead of metal) it is proto type?>?, i guess, i never seen one before, i get it from my father with his LP 12 , he said extremely rare and one of the kind,special made from sme,?? since, i have no use, how shall i value it,, or anyone knows anything about it, uhmm any ideas could help me to decide what shall i do with it,,thanks in advance mike
Email SME for info.
Some SME models had wood INSIDE the arm for damping. I know of no SME that had wood outside as primary construction material.

As Stanwal says, you can email SME. I think you're wrong and it's not an SME. Hope I'm wrong and you have something really rare :^).
The ultimate monetary value of *anything* is the amount someone will pay for it. I would auction it off either here or at ebay, with lots of promotion around the wooden arm. You'll probably get at least the going value of a 3009, which is about 300-500 dollars.
hello,, thanks for all the info so far, the arm base is 3009 base, the head shell is 3009 multi holes head shell, the arm is curve like normal metal 3009 arm but wood looking with grain (actually is wood type material??) at least outside, may be i can post it to some one to check it out for fun,,i am leaving it as is and scare to fix it up,, it is supposed to work,,but since it is non replaceable, so, i am afraid to touch it, but it was working years ago before my father pass away., as i remember, i was listening beetles and telarc LP with him, but i have no use with it and sitting there, so i am not sure what shall i do, it is kind of waste to sit there ,, so,, uhmm,, thank you for every one so far, sincere
Tidybear, do you know what stick on wood (vinyl) looks like? Wonder if someone wanted the chrome SME to have more WAF and did a custom job?
hello again, i don't think it is vinyl,, i think it is wood, and i am sorry, i don't know what is WAF?? custom job wise, i don't know for sure, but, it looks very good, how can i post pics here?>>?? thanks for your time
You can start a system thread and name it something like "Rare SME" or similar and then you can post photo's in that. A link in this thread will drive us over to that so we can view.

WAF is Wife Acceptance Factor. Many of us are married and often have to make changes in our system based on what the pretty one likes. Fortunately I lucked out, mine pays no attention at all to my system or what I do to it.
Tidybear, here's a link to Audiogon virtual systems where you can launch a new system and post images.
hello, thanks for the explanation and the tips., i will try to post some pics as you suggested, but it will take few days for me to do so,,thanks