SME 3009 with Denon Turntable

I have a Denon Direct Drive Turn Table(TT)(DP300 i think?) with a SME 3009 tone arm. The TT is not keeping its speed. Question is
1)is the TT worth fixing, 2) If not is the SME tonearm worth salvaging on another TT. Thanks in advance for your response.
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If good sounding analog is your second best source, I would:
Keep the arm, get a high-compliance MM or MI cartridge to go with it (Grado for example), and buy one of the belt tables that are being sold pretty cheap: Thorens, Dual, AR/Merrill etc. etc.
Most of those tables already come with a SME mount.
If vinyl is your first high-end source, you might choose to sell the arm and buy a used A-1 belt system on the internet, but you would be looking at $1,000-$1,500.
Let me know if I can be of any more help. I have had mostly belt-drive TTs, but at one time had one of the best Denon's a DP-80 which was right up there with my modified AR.
I currently am using an older Michel synchrodec with a Grace 707 arm and an old Pickering MM cart, and am happy.
If you want a cheap, but solid replacement for your TT, I have a Denon 1200 gathering dust. It has a cutout for the SME mount that your tonearm could be used on.
You could have it for $75, plus shipping.
I am a member, but my number takes time to look up. If that is important to you, e-mail me. I am oldtimer in audio.
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best of luck.
bob charlanza
eastern pa
Ditto on Bob's comments, probably just a control on the Denon. The SME is a very good arm, you can probably have tha table fixed for less the 75 dollars, and I don't know where you are going to get anything that sounds better for 5 times that.
Thanks for the feedback. Being the kind of guy that cannot throw anything away, I am going to try and fix it if indeed it costs under $100.00. I will post on progress. Thanks again