SME 3009 question

Has anyone succesfully changed interconnects on an SME 3009 S2 tonearm? That little plug on the factory arm has the cable attached and it is only 1 meter long and it looks like crappy cable. I am very happy with the performance of this arm on my Micro Seiki BL-51 but I need to make the cable longer to accomodate my wife's furniture and I wouldn't mind upgrading the quality of the cable while I am at it.
The plug is a four pin rectangle if that helps.

SME offers a kit called the

"OUTPUT SOCKET CONVERSION KIT", "To convert Series II and early Series II Improved arms having 4-pole in-line output sockets, for which matching audio leads are no longer available, to phono socket output."

This might be the simplest way to go, then you can use any lenght RCA phono leads that are easier to find. Your local distributor should be able to get them for you.