SME 3009 non removeable

Hi all, What cartridges fit the SME 3009 non removable arm. I use a Grado gold , maybe I should just do the stylists upgrade

Thanks, Mike

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I own several Denon MC's. (2) 103's, a 103R, a 103D, a Gold Anniversary 103, a 301 and a 304. They are all fine performers! The best probably being the 304.
No love here for the 103! LOL! Yet no less an expert than AJ VanDenHul considers it a very good cartridge - and a fine performer even unmodified! So there! Worried about its resonance frequency? Just add about 5 grams (a US nickel) to the headshell to compensate! 
A stylus replacement on the Grado is sufficient!
Denon is the the absolute worst recommendation for that light tonearm. It has a compliance under 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You need a tonearm made out of a 2X4 to play that ugly old thing.
Get a Denon 103R. Sounds better than any Grado! I have been using Denon mc cartridges for 40 years (along with some Grado's). Yes there are even better-sounding mc cartridges (for a higher price, of course!) - but the venerable 103 punches so far above its weight that it's an easy recommendation!