sme 3009 low volume

I just purchased a kenwood turntable w/sme 3009 question is when playing there is hardly any sound, I've tried 2 different preamps and installed a new shure cartridge. I would appreciate any help Thanks
Does the pre or integrated you are using have a phono state, that might be the problem, or it might be some damage to the internal wiring of the arm?
Could be you are using a lower output cartridge that your phono section does not have enough gain..........Possibly a M/Coil cartridge and you phono section is only capable of High output M/M cartridges.............
To which input did you hook it up to in your preamp?
I've tried it on an old pioneer elite vsx-91 that had a phono gain knob, and had it turned all the way it is hooked up to a new elite vsx-94txh with a designated phono input, the new cartridge is a shure M97XE. hope this helps, also I hooked up a different turntable a sanyo I believe and it sounded fine...T hanks
I suppose its very possible the internal tonearm connections have worked loose,,..Anything is possible while if the turntable was shipped to you.. I had an issue awhile back similar and found that the tonearm wire I ( internally ) was almost totally broken away from the connection..Once I re-soldered it back on it was fine..
Sounds like a good excuse to upgrade the tone arm's wiring. is it a fixed or removable head shell model?
Denon shell un known model I purchased this at an estate sale--I'll order new wiring, would you recommend upgrading the output connection to rca as well? Thanks very much!