SME 30/2 Controller

Looking to get some questions answered regarding a 2004 30/2 turntable. The controller has the knob instead of push buttons and I believe it to be the 2nd generation as the box is longer format. Does the latest controller work with the existing motor?

 The O-Rings are original and the table has been in the box unused since 2009. Is a belt and new rings needed because of age?

 The platter is the mustard/green color but it seems that it was not a change other than color.

 If anyone knows pricing please enlighten me!

 Thanks for any help.


Thanks very much. And I get new problem. When I adjust the column gap to meet the gauge A terminal, press the 33 button, the speed is accurate and stable, but the light continues to flash and cannot be locked, and the upper board has obvious swing. But when I lowered about 1mm, this phenomenon disappeared and everything was normal . This phenomenon has not appeared in two states in 45 and 78, they can be locked quickly.

What could be the reason for this? Thanks

akennadun33, did you get the 33 speed locking issue resolved? Unfortunately, I have the same issue? Thanks!