SME 20/3 or TW Acustic Raven One

Hi, just thought I would put one last question to other members regarding a turntable decision. The Raven One has been proposed as an alternative to the SME. Either table would be used with a SME V. Anyone care to venture an opinion or share their listening experiences? Thanks to everyone who replied to my other turntable post.
Do you put your hand somewhere for cueing? If so, you can't do this on the Raven, so go with the SME.

Simple as absurd...

I have had my TW Acustic AC turntable now for about five years, and I came from a SME 30/2A and before that is was SME 20/2A. I will say that the old SME 20/2 should not be considered in the same league as the SME 30. AS good as the 20 may be is dosn't get close to what the 30 will do.

When I had the SME 30 I felt like I could no better, and for the most part you cannot ask for more, but this is where the arguments start. SME just doesnn't have the musical soul like the the TW stuff IMO. I personally get more musical satisfaction from the TW then when I had the SME 30 or 20. I just listen more frequently and longer as time allows. TW has a greater fun factor with all other things being equal sonically.

Another thing that should be mentioned is price point of the TW Raven One vrs SME 20/3. The Raven One is a lot less money. If you are in the SME 20/3 budget perhaps consider the TW AC.

Mikesmith I see you are from Canada, there are a few of us in Ontario with TW products, if you are in the neighbourhood perhaps you can hear for yourself what TW has to offer. Email me off line if you wish.

I am just a happy owner and not asscociated with TW at all finacially.
I have a TW Acustic Raven One with graham phantom and it is a fantastic table/combination. I can't comment on the SME platform but I think very highly of the Raven.