SME 20/3 and an MC Anna

Ok looks like I have decided on this combo unless someone can convince me on something else.

I considered the AMG, looks like a great table but is it over hyped being new and cool looking and having an unusual bearing in the tonearm to create even more interest. What I find strange about the bearing is that arm has a resonate frequency when the arm is balanced at zero grams with the bearing being a spring. So you end up with two resonate frequencies the cartridge's suspension and the arm's bearing. Is this what makes the table sound different. Maybe this is a good thing or is it creating a problem (coloration) that we happen to like.

The SME 20/12 with a V12 arm is another, yes another great choice but can't afford.
You made a great choice,SME is among the best! If I had the cash that is the table I would choose. Congratulations!
Another note on the AMG arm;

If the record is perfectly flat it is possible that the spring would potentially stop the arm from moving up and down from the modulations from the groove. This would in turn, hold the cartridge body solid transmitting all the motion from the cantever into signal, and therefore more information extracted from the groove.

If the record was not flat, the arm could then start vibrating at the resonate frequency of the arm's spring bearing degrading the performance.

One thing for sure, this AMG tonearm is a very interesting piece of gear.

My first post was, I think to negative sounding regarding the AMG. Looks like Audigon does not have an edit feature like most forums, if so I would change the tone of my posting.
As an extremely pleased SME owner, I think you have made an excellent choice with the 20/3. This is the highest-value table in the SME line up from what I can tell. I did do an extensive comparison between the SME 9" and 12" V arms and prefer the latter by quite a margin. You could consider looking for a good used 20/12. That should cost about the same as a new 20/3.

I have not heard the MC Anna. However, for another cartridge suggestion: I own and simply love the AirTight Supreme on the SME arms. This is an excellent combination in part because the Supreme was designed on an SME arm. You could also contact Albert Porter for his thoughts on this great combination.
Ok, I have changed my mind, Gonna pass on the Anna and use my PW and order a 20/12 with a V12. I can always get an Anna next year.