SME 20/2 Spindle/bearing

Is the bearing/spindle on a SME 20/2A TT accessable to be cleaned? Secondly, is anyone using anything other than the "SME" supplied spindle oil? I'd like to find something that doesnt have to be ordered from England, if possible.


Rislone engine treatment. 6-8.00 a quart. smells like gun oil. Slippery stuff, very thin and smells like gun oil. Better than eatin' bugs.


Why do you want to do that job? The SME spindle and bearing are kind of a one and done. Did yours get contaminated in some way? Personally I would stick to the SME oil if you choose to move forward.

Please read your manual on the subject.  Like geof3 said one and done.

Also most automotive oils have detergents in them that turntables do not need.

I think you’re OK.

The spindle bearing of your 20/2 is sealed and should not require any service. When it was originally sold, SME included an extra “charge” of p/n: 1058/20 Syringe of Spindle Oil. It’s my understanding in discussions with Brian Laker @ SME that the bearing will last a lifetime even if that additional supplied syringe charge was never injected into the spindle via its chrome oil fill adapter fitting (p/n 1129).
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