SME 20

What is the difference between SME 20 and SME 20A? I have heard some problem of the old model of SME 20 including hard to start in WInter and speed problem. True? Any user here for the older SME 20??

The SME 20/A is a table with SME V arm.

THere is a SME 20, SME 20/2 which is the second generation with upgraded motor and power supply.

The current generation has a new power supply that became available about three years ago. The later SME 20/2 have the round covers for the suspension towers

SME20 is the original model turntable (from 1992)without arm. The SME20A is the same, including the SME V arm.
5 years later came the SME20/2 with improved power supply and motor.

I own the 20A. No starting or speed problems, however.

20A is with tonearm, 20 - without. I don't care for SME tables, but that might be a matter of preferences.
I have an older SME20 (Number 4xx). No problems with starting or speed. As it has been said the xxA models are delivered with tonearms. The 20 with a special version of the SME V. Special being gold marings on the arm. The upgrade to 20/2 was done partly because the 20 didn't pass the new demands in EU for purity of power and circuits. The old one was delivered by Stax, the new one AFAIK is made by SME. At the same they changed the motor a.o. to better use the new power supply.

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