SMC McCormack or Vincent Pwr Amp

I am considering upgrading from my Aragon 4004 mkII to possibly an SMC DNA 1 or a comparable Voncent Power Amp. Any suggestions as the wether either of these is a step up over what I currently have and the preferrred manufacturer?
@ Sksos1, Steve, I am sorry I have to correct you on the vincent cd-s7 player, This unit started on the market in 2009, had a 5 year run, was the top tube unit seller for ws distributing, two weeks ago, I bought the very last one available that audio-visor saved for me, I am doing some modding on the player that is profound, like internal Tara labs wireing, furetech cryo treated top model XLR out-puts, The Furetech FT-785M, as far as I know, there is no better XLR out-put on the market, This modd alone will be more profound than any tube rolling!, I am also breaking-in the Tara Labs cobalt power cord special order with Oyaide top model IEC and Plug termiated at the Tara Labs factory connected to the Vincent cd-s7, with the Tara Labs Zero Gold with HFX grounding station 1-meter Balanced interconnect connected to the Vincent cd-s7 player, I also want you to know, The vincent in stock form was substanialy more musical and real sounding than the Ayon cd-2s ever dreamed of being!, why do you think I bought another one of these players the second time for?, Good to see you, cheers.
Getting back to Jed's comment though, would anyone want to venture if the SMC is/should be better than a 4004 mk II?
McCormack no question. I called to ask some questions before mine arrived, Steve McCormack answers his own phone, and takes his time explaining things. You just don't get that kind of service many places ! ! !
Hi Jimbones

I checked the archives and found an old discussion post regarding Aragon vs. McCormack.

It may shed a little light on the topic at hand. McCormack got the nod in the previous discussion.

Things may have changed though. Sorry if you saw this thread already.