SMc Audio: The Interocitor One thoughts?

Hi everyone

I was on the SMc Audio site today dreaming about upgrades for one of my amps when I saw a Products link that I hadn't seen before on the site. I clicked on the link and I found something called the Interocitor One Transparent Isolated Connection System.

Has anyone here heard or seen the device in person? Anyone care to share their thoughts on it? It sounds like something pretty nifty piece of gear to have in one's system.

I'm quite a ways from being able to afford the luxury of the Interocitor One but I thought I would put this out there as I only found a couple of threads in other forums where it is discussed.

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One last attempt at getting some thoughts on this product before the thread goes into the archives.
I can't offer any opinion on the product, but the name is witty. The Interocitor was a communication device in the classic '50s sci fi movie "This Island Earth." Aliens sent them to prominent Earth scientists as kits. If you could assemble the Interocitor, you were smart enough for the aliens to be interested in you.
Thanks Robdoorack for the info. That is pretty cool stuff.
I had one here a couple of months ago. My system currently requires the use of Jensen transformers to convert the single-ended signal from my Tom Evans preamp to a balanced signal that goes into my Clayton amps.

Steve says he has constructed the Interocitor One using very high quality parts and he was convinced it would improve on the Jensen transformers (which I have never even noticed to have an effect on the system).

As currently designed, the Interocitor will correct an impedance mismatch as would be experienced when trying to pair a tubed preamp with high output impedance (that may occur at lower frequencies due to the size of coupling caps used) with lower input impedance amps such as Pass, the McCormack DNA500 and others with input impedance in the 10-20K ohm range. The impedance correction is also helpful if long interconnect runs are needed and has a side effect (benefit) of reducing gain so it would be further helpful with high gain preamps (such as some CAT models) into sensitive amps.

I did not need the impedance correction in my system since the output impedance of the TEAD preamp is only 12 ohms and Clayton amps have an input impedance of 100K ohms. Therefore, it did not improve the sound for me but it was every bit as effective at converting a single-ended signal to balanced as the Jensen transformers. Steve could construct the Interocitor One with different input/output impedance values and he may construct a 1:1 impedance version of the Interocitor One for me to try since I simply need the signal conversion and ground lift capabilities.

In summary, the Interocitor One is not inexpensive but it is a well constructed piece made with very high quality parts. It should work well in high end systems (or any level of system) to solve a wide variety of impedance mismatches, single-ended to balanced conversions (in either direction), gain matching, ground loop issues, or to facilitate longer cable runs. While not needed by everybody, it should play well with the highest level of equipment and may open up the use of a wider range of equipment parings through its ability to match connector types, impedance and gain. I hope this helps. If you are interested or desire more information I suggest calling Steve.
I haven't been following SMc Audio's Interocitor for some time now and just recently I found out it has been renamed to Flex-Connect.

Additional Info:

I contacted SMc the other day and he informed me that he is currently not doing upgrades. He said possibly in the spring if he could find a good tech. FWIW
Hi Friends,

I am happy to report that the upgrade business is back in action and doing well. My partner Kris is working again and we are busy making great equipment. Please call or write if you are interested in having upgrade work done. Speaking of upgrades, my website is in dire need of an overhaul and I hope to get to it soon.

The Flex-Connect / Interocitor is available so let me know if you need further information.

Best regards to all,

Steve McCormack
SMc Audio
I spoke with Steve today to let him know how much I still enjoy the preamp he crafted for me last year. You can catch a picture of it and a short write-up on my system page. As a prelude to a review I am writing, the "SMC Audio TLC Signature Edition" has IMO bested every other preamp I have ever owned.