Smart TV-receiver, what do I need?

I live in a very rural area with no internet, cable or DSL for almost 30 years so please bear with me.
My wife has asked me to set up a Smart TV system in our new home that has cable & I know nothing about it. I will be buying a new receiver & TV just for this. This is for a vacation home so I will not be going "all out" money wise.
Obviously I need a Smart TV. The WiFi receivers I saw from Yamaha say streaming music from a device. Can I stream video content to the receiver or TV as well? Are all Smart TV's app driven? Do the receivers use apps also? Once again I am a bit confused.
Thanks for any input, John
you may want to try the Audio Asylum forums, video section
Thanks for the Audio Asylum note. I found it odd that in this time of home networks, receivers now a days don't have wifi video & audio input from any source. Say from the internet, a DVD player, computer etc.