Smart TV digital output to Powered Speakers

Hello everyone, hope I'm in the right place.

I've been struggling with finding the right way to set my TV (LG OLED C8) to work seamlessly with my pair of JBL 306P's.

Current setup:

The JBL's have analog inputs and are currently connected to a Cambridge Audio DacMagic+ through XLR which in turn is connected to my TV via its optical output. 

The main problem is that I can't control the volume through the TV's remote for the optical output, and the DAC does not have a remote either. Since I consume content solely through my smart TV's interface, I don't have or need a receiver too.. 

I saw some DAC's with remotes but they were either very cheap looking or otherwise very expensive even compared to the CA's $350.

Ideally, a DAC w/ HDMI ARC inputs? Or some kind of "network streamer" ? How would you go about this situation? The closest thing so far is the Essence HDACC II-4K , but it does not seem to have HDMI ARC and also, will i not be trading quality for volume control? I know that the CA's DAC is supposed to be wonderful. 

Thanks in advance!

Hey Erik, thanks for your reply. 

That one does not have an HDMI input, so I won't be able to control the volume w/ the TV's remote. If I can't find anything, I guess i will resort to a DAC w/ remote and consider that one.. thx!
Oh!! Forgot you wanted the TV remote to work!! :)  No, you are screwed. :)
I thought you wanted a DAC with a remote.