Smallish floorstander that sounds good placed just

in front of the wall behind them. They must be placed about 6 inches from the wall behind them. Looking for the speaker to have a smaller footprint also. Totem Arro is one speaker that comes to mind - any others I can consider? They can be bigger then the Arro also.

Will want to drive them with a 70-80 watt Peachtree Nova in a second system.
I second the Rega RS3 or RS5 speakers. Great floor standers. They have a front facing port on the bottom. That makes them more easy to place near a wall. They are also easy enough to drive with your Nova.
Arros are very good - strengths are imaging and tone. They were designed to sound good placed near the wall, which will give you more bass response and weaker imaging, but if anything, makes the excellent tone stand out even more. Tuning with mass loading is necessary as suggested above to avoid bloated or one-note-ish bass from port reinforcement. I second the Silverline, Rega and Walsh suggestions given above as viable alternatives.

One caveat, I have not heard any of these speakers with the Nova, but feel the Arros have tremendous latent capcity to reward and sound much better with higher end electronics. I have heard the Nova with Sonus Faber speakers and it was a very good match, but would not place the Fabers next to the wall. FWIW.
Meadowlark Swifts are sometimes available used in the $500-$600 range. Good sound and easy to drive. Front transmission line ports.
I recently bought a pair of Rega RS3 and they get my vote also. I have never heard or owned the Arro's and I'm sure they are very good, but I can speak for the Rega's and I enjoy them very much.
Duevel Planets are the first to pop in my mind. Hard to find used, but as I recall they are about a grand new.