smallest footprint cd player

need small cd player with short depth....width is not that much of a problem...thanks
What's the maximum depth that would work for you?

You should be able to find one.I have a Panasonic DVD recorder that is 10" deep without cables.
Resolution Audio Opus 21. 9.5 inches wide & 9.8 inches deep.
Not sure what your budget is, but Virtue Audio has an interesting new CD player that I believe is 10" deep. Listed at $599.

Most DVD players are shallow in depth. Also previous generations of Linn's CDPs: Genki or Ikemi (small square boxes).
cambridge audio has a line of small-form components called sonata--the sonata cd player should work well for you--very nice stuff
Mac Mini playing Amarra.
The Brits seem to like shallower components. I use a Njoe Tjoeb 4000 and a Creek, both 12" deep because they have to sit in a bookshelf 12" deep.
Mac Mini/ with a good dac.
thanks for all the suggestions, interesting sites....had not thought about the mac mini with dac, great site for the virtue piano cd player...audiogoner's are the best..thanks for all the input...continue to do so thanks

What did you end up going with? I'm curious about the Virtue Audio CDP and how it sounds. I believe it is the Piano M1? It got a rave review from Stereomojo and was their budget CDP of the year too I think. Has anyone got one and care to share their thoughts on it? Thanks